1. High School Football Player Carlos Sanchez Dies After Collapsing on Field

    Carlos Sanchez, a junior football player at Moon Valley High School, died Sunday after collapsing on the field during a game Friday night. "Our school community is saddened by the news of Carlos' passing...

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  2. Homecoming Queen Claire Jeffress Hits Game-Winning Field Goal

    High school kicker Claire Jeffress decided a Texas high school football game by sinking a game-winning field goal. With the contest tied 35-35, the Dawson High School senior hit a 30-yard kick to beat the Eagles' rival, Pearland, on Friday night...

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  3. Nick Zahos Flatlined for 28 Seconds, Then Played Football After Surgery

    In Nov. 2016, Hunterdon Central High School football and lacrosse player, Nick Zahos, went into cardiac arrest while watching football with his family, according to Matthew Stanmyre of NJ...

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  4. Hapless but Hopeful Missouri HS Football Team Presses On After 102-0 Loss

    The 14-year-old freshman ran alone through the darkness, jogging for several miles at 2 a.m. in the Missouri countryside, his legs pushing him past cow pastures and soybean fields...

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  5. 2 Texas HS Football Players Kicked off Team for Protesting During Anthem

    A pair of football players at Victory and Praise Christian Academy in Crosby, Texas, were reportedly kicked off the team for protesting during the national anthem Friday...

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  6. Friday Night Floodlights: How Football Swept in Hope After a Hurricane

    Harvey took nearly everything from these six teenagers. Some are living in a windowless high school weight room. But this is how they're learning to survive: one game at a time.

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  7. Miami Central Football Team Stranded in Las Vegas Due to Hurricane Irma

    The Miami Central High School football team has been stranded in Las Vegas since Saturday while waiting for an opportunity to fly back to Florida following Hurricane Irma. Andre C...

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  8. This 4'2" High School Football Player Is an Inspiration to NFL Superstars

    Ricardo Benitez was born without femurs, but nothing could stop the Texas native from playing football. The 4'2" Benitez is such an inspiration he was invited to speak at Cowboys training camp in 2016...

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  9. Snoop Dogg Surprises His Old High School Football Team with New Kicks

    Rapper Snoop Dogg went back to his old high school, Long Beach Polytechnic, to show some love to the varsity football team...

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  10. Avon Senior Vlasi Pappas Makes Epic 1-Handed Touchdown Catch vs. Olmsted Falls

    Avon High School (Ohio) senior Vlasi Pappas caught national attention with an amazing touchdown reception against Olmsted Falls on Friday evening...

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  11. $72 Million for a High School Stadium? In Texas, It's Only Up from There

    "We're out on the field getting the Tigers ready for another successful run at a state title," chirps the voicemail for the Katy High School athletics department...

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  12. High School Senior Running Back with Cancer Keeps His Focus on Football

    Team captain Ricky Perez sends a text from his hospital room in Tucson, Arizona, where doctors are inconveniencing him with chemotherapy. "I'm actually having treatment at this exact moment," he writes, "but I can talk once we're done...

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  13. New York HS Football Player Dies After Suffering Injury at Practice

    A high school football player at Sachem High School East in Farmingville, New York, died Thursday morning after suffering an injury during an offseason practice...

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  14. 'This Could Have Been Me'

    When 15-year-old Jordan Edwards was killed by a police officer (and maybe even took a bullet for his brother), his high school football team did the only thing that felt right: play on.

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  15. Welcome to the Elite 11: Meet the QBs Headed to The Opening

    The Elite 11 is one of the most prestigious fraternities in all of football. Which quarterbacks made this year's Elite 11? Who's headed to The Opening in a few weeks? Watch the ...

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  16. High School OT Jack Carman Says He'll Go to Ohio State for 100,000 Retweets

    Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions any young adult can make. Picking the right school, especially for an athletic recruit with professional aspirations, takes the utmost research and deliberation...

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