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  28. Starting for the Phoenix Suns: PG: Eric Bledsoe SG: Brandon Knight SF: P.J. Tucker PF: Jon Leuer C: Tyson Chandler

  29. Use halftime to download new Suns App courtesy of @Verizon (https://t.co/Y8Utwu3zD6). P.J. Tucker wants you too. https://t.co/GFZ2NLmqi0

  30. P.J. Tucker started the game defensively on Jimmy Butler, sliding Brandon Knight to Tony Snell. CHI 18-12. #SunsVsBulls

  31. P.J. Tucker has 26 points in the past 2 games after scoring 45 in the first 9 games. He has 15 points in 24 minutes tonight. #SunsVsBulls

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  35. T.J. Warren checks in 4 minutes in. P.J. Tucker got his 2nd foul on a charge. No limits on Warren after the illness. PHX 8-5. #SunsAtNuggets

  36. P.J. Tucker gets his third foul on a Mudiay 3-point attempt, the shot they want Mudiay to take. DEN 61-47 #SunsAtNuggets

  37. That should have been a continuation and-one for P.J. Tucker. He never stopped moving his shooting arm through the foul. #SunsAtSpurs