1. Vick Could Be Moving Toward a Decision

    Last week, it appeared that free-agent quarterback Mike Vick would wait — possibly until after the draft — to pick his next team...

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  2. DeSean's Future in Chip's Hands

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  3. Chip Kelly Continues to Assemble Offense Full of Nightmare Matchups

    Darren Sproles may no longer have the same explosive talent we are accustomed to seeing from him at this point in his career, but given his skill set and the role he could play ...

    Matt  Bowen Written by Matt Bowen about 1 month ago 51,604 reads 133 comments

  4. Predicting Philadelphia Eagles' Starting Lineup After 1st Wave of Free Agency

    What does the Philadelphia Eagles ’ projected starting lineup look like in 2014 after the first week of free agency? As it turns out, probably not a whole lot different than it did at the end of last season...

    Andrew Kulp Written by Andrew Kulp about 1 month ago 8,839 reads 8 comments

  5. The 10 Most Likely First-Round Picks for the Philadelphia Eagles

    With the NFL draft less than two months away, the biggest question for the Eagles right now is whether disgruntled wide receiver DeSean Jackson will even be on the team come draft day...

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