1. Jeremy Maclin Bet. Jeremy Maclin Won. Now Eagles Must Pay Him

    Some people are risk averse. Some people prefer smaller bets. Jeremy Maclin is the opposite. He'd probably be a lot of fun in Vegas...

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  2. Wake-Up Call: Evolution of Davis' Defense

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  3. 5 Cornerbacks Philadelphia Eagles Must Consider in 2015 NFL Draft

    The Philadelphia Eagles will no doubt chase an established cornerback in free agency come March, but why stop there? One would certainly help plug an enormous hole in the Birds’ ...

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  4. Philadelphia Eagles' Salary-Cap Breakdown by Position

    With the NFL season officially completed, the Philadelphia Eagles need to look at the contractual side of their team over the next few months. First, they have the matter of trying to re-sign their own free agents...

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  5. Nick Foles Not the Answer for Eagles Offense, Chip Kelly Must Find QB in 2015

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that the Chip Kelly era in the NFL hasn't really begun yet. Kelly has been in the NFL for two seasons now...

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  6. Nick Foles? If Eagles Want a Super Bowl, They Should Get Marcus Mariota

    Until he is on stage holding the jersey of another team, the debate in Philadelphia will go on and on — should the Eagles do whatever it takes to land Oregon quarterback Marcus ...

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  7. A Look at Eight Potential Eagles Cap Casualties

    According to OverTheCap.com (via BleedingGreenNation.com), the Eagles have an estimated $18,954,544 in cap space heading into the offseason, which is the 16th most in the NFL ...

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  8. Early Look at Eagles' 2015 Opponents

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  9. Analyzing Eagles Best Trade Options with 20th Pick in NFL Draft

    Chances are you’ve stumbled upon this column in search of the answer to how the Philadelphia Eagles can trade up for Marcus Mariota in the 2015 NFL Draft. I would offer my congratulations, but chances are you may not like what you find...

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  10. Eagles Going with Cornerback or Safety in Most Mock Drafts

    A lot of people made a big deal over ESPN's Todd McShay mocking Alabama safety Landon Collins to the Philadelphia Eagles last week. I don't fully understand why it's such a big deal every time McShay or Mel Kiper release an updated mock...

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  11. The 30 Most Memorable Moments of the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles Season

    Expectations among Philadelphia Eagles fans heading into the 2014 season were pretty high. After all, who could blame them? Just look what Chip Kelly accomplished as a rookie head coach in 2013...

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  12. Tra Thomas: Marcus Smith Has 'Build of a High School Athlete'

    Eagles outside linebackers had a pretty good season in 2014. Connor Barwin had a career-high 14½ sacks, Brandon Graham tied his career high with 5½ and Trent Cole had 6½...

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  13. Jake Locker? Eagles Fans Hope Not

    It's a bit early to know what to make of this NJ.com report about the Philadelphia Eagles having interest in quarterback Jake Locker in free agency...

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  14. Tra Thomas on Departure: 'It Pains Me'

    When the Philadelphia Eagles adjusted their coaching staff, it wasn't clear whether that included the departure of Tra Thomas...

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  15. Nick Foles Has to Be Backed off in the Weight Room

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  16. Will Eagles' Kelly Be a Team Player?

    I THINK WE ALL can agree that Chip Kelly is a pretty good football coach. He proved that at the University of Oregon and has proved it again in his first 2 years with the Eagles , resuscitating a four-win team and racking up back-to-back 10-6 seasons...

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  17. 7 Philadelphia Eagles Who Could Compete for Bigger Roles in 2015

    If the Philadelphia Eagles are going to take the next step and win their first game under head coach Chip Kelly’s direction in 2015, they’ll need the help of free agents and draft picks...

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  18. How Philadelphia Eagles Can Win 2015 NFL Free Agency

    The Philadelphia Eagles may have won 10 games last season and set a franchise record for points scored (474), but they have a lot of work to do before they are a legitimate contender in the National Football League...

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