1. It's Not About Rankings for Foles

    It's all the rage in the media during this slow period in the NFL : assembling rankings of players and stirring debate. The ranking of quarterback Nick Foles has certainly been a topic of conversation in and around Philadelphia ...

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  2. Lane Johnson's Ban Won't Test Eagles Too Much

    A WEEK REMOVED from the Daily News reporting that Lane Johnson will miss 25 percent of the Eagles ' season, the reaction remains thus.....

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  3. Debate: What Will Be Philly's Fiercest Camp Battle?

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  4. Several Eagles Need to Step Up in the Final Year of Their Contracts

    A group of Eagles players have contracts that are set to expire and the team needs to make a decision on them after the season. That's why it's "put up or shut up" time for several members of the squad...

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  5. Film Breakdown: Can Eagles Survive with Barbre at RT for Four Weeks?

    With starting right tackle Lane Johnson likely facing a four game suspension, the Eagles will need to replace him (duh). The Eagles' only proven backup offensive lineman on the roster is Allen Barbre, who can play either tackle or guard spot...

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  6. Young Eagles D-Line out to Avenge Playoff Letdown

    When they last exited the field together, the Eagles ' young starting three defensive linemen had just suffered their worst game at the worst time.....

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  7. Mosher's Mailbag: Expanded Role for Chris Polk?

    A. One of the few guys on offense who can expand his role in 2014 is Chris Polk, and given the success he had last year, I'd expect Polk to produce even more as LeSean McCoy's backup than Bryce Brown did last year...

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  8. 4 Dark-Horse Candidates to Make Philadelphia Eagles' Final 53-Man Roster

    Realistically, the Philadelphia Eagles have a limited number of spots on the 53-man roster that are truly open. And even then, in quite a few cases, there are players who could be considered the favorite to win those remaining jobs...

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  9. Philadelphia Eagles: Defensive Position-by-Position Breakdown and Analysis

    It was the offense that predictably stole the show during Chip Kelly's first year as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles ...

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  10. Which Areas Have Philadelphia Eagles Strengthened the Most This Offseason?

    The Philadelphia Eagles have taken an interesting approach this offseason. Fresh off a 10-6 record and an NFC East title, general manager Howie Roseman and head coach Chip Kelly ...

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  11. The Development of Alejandro Villanueva

    Villanueva spent the last four years as an active member of the U.S. Army, serving a total of three tours in Afghanistan. He was most recently promoted to Captain in April...

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  12. 5 to Watch: Nate Allen

    PHILADELPHIA -- With training camp approaching within weeks, let's continue our weeklong look at the players with the most to prove, and the most to lose, this summer.....

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  13. Eagles 'More Experienced' on Special Teams

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  14. Will Age Catch Up with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014?

    The 2014 Philadelphia Eagles are set to return as many as 20 of 22 starters from last season. That’s great news, I suppose, if you feel 10 wins and a first-round playoff exit are a satisfying conclusion...

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  15. Eagles' 6-9 Rookie Familiar with Pressure

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  16. LeSean McCoy Wins Wanamaker Award

    Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was honored with the John Wanamaker Athletic Award Wednesday night...

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  17. NFL Insiders Rank Nick Foles as the 15th Best Starting Quarterback

    There's no NFL offseason activity people love more than to rank things. That's mostly because there's really nothing else better to do while we all wait for training camp to start in late July...

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  18. More on Nick Foles Being 'Overrated': National NFL Writer Gets Exposed on WIP

    Yesterday, we picked on CBS' Pete Prisco a little bit for his assertion that Nick Foles is "overrated." Prisco had published a column listing an overrated and underrated player on ...

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  19. McCoy Discusses Johnson's Impending Suspension

    After picking up his trophy for receiving the 2014 John Wanamaker Athletic Award Wednesday, LeSean McCoy spoke to the media about teammate Lane Johnson.....

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  20. Dark Horse OLB Travis Long Pushing to Make Eagles

    Travis Long spent his first NFL season on the Eagles ' practice squad, a fairly impressive accomplishment given that he went undrafted last April and didn't sign his first contract until after training camp had already started...

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  21. Predicting Last 5 In, Last 5 out for Philadelphia Eagles Final 53-Man Roster

    This time of year may be considered the “dead season” to most in the NFL , but all around the league, there are fringe players busting their butts right now, working hard to try to sneak into a roster spot...

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  22. 5 Philadelphia Eagles Poised for Breakout Season in 2014

    In 2013, a breakout season by Riley Cooper made up for the loss of Jeremy Maclin . Nick Foles ' breakout season led the Eagles to a postseason berth in what was supposed to be a rebuilding season...

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  23. Debate: What Will Be Kelly's Biggest Challenge in 2014?

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  24. Eagles Testing Google Glass for in-Game Use at Lincoln Financial Field

    As the Philadelphia Eagles ' two-year stadium revitalization plan at Lincoln Financial Field wraps up by the end of summer 2014, a number of new changes will have been to the stadium...

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  25. World Cup 2014: USA Eliminated by Belgium, Eagles Players Lament Loss

    After a 2-1 loss to Belgium in extra time, the United States Men's National Soccer Team has been eliminated from the 2014 World Cup. It was excruciatingly painful at times but overall an entertaining game...

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