1. The Case for the Eagles to Keep Mark Sanchez

    Every player is available for the right price, but quarterbacks are at a premium, even backups like Mark Sanchez ...

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  2. Grotz: Handoff from Reid to Kelly Makes McCoy Work

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  3. Mark Sanchez: What Can Former Jet Offer for Other NFL Teams?

    Mark Sanchez seems firmly entrenched as the backup quarterback in Philadelphia. He has shown accuracy and zip in his passes throughout training camp. This has translated to the preseason as well...

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  4. Philadelphia Eagles: What We've Learned Through Week 3 of Preseason

    Preseason Week 3 brought its ups and downs for the Philadelphia Eagles . On one hand, a dominant effort by the club’s starters in their final tune-up against the Pittsburgh ...

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  5. Breaking Down Competition for Eagles' Last WR Spot

    A simple formation during a warmup drill Sunday at the NovaCare Complex could be fairly indicative of the Eagles ' wide receiver situation going into the season...

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  6. Mark Sanchez Doesn't Want to Be Traded to Rams

    It's only natural for Mark Sanchez 's name to come up in connection with the St. Louis Rams in the wake of starting quarterback Sam Bradford 's season-ending knee injury, given Sanchez's experience in coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's offense...

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  7. Why Zach Ertz Is Philadelphia Eagles' Biggest X-Factor in 2014

    Chip Kelly’s offseason decision to release DeSean Jackson was easily the most controversial move the Philadelphia Eagles ’ head coach made this offseason...

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  8. Barkley on Start vs. Jets: 'It's a Big Opportunity'

    Matt Barkley knows that his NFL career so far has been defined by his two mid-season emergency stints last year against the Giants and Cowboys ...

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  9. Eagles Announce 1st Wave of Cuts

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  10. Eagles Trying to Find Spots for Long and Bair

    — These are always the best stories because you never know where they're coming from or who they will be, only that they are a constant from year to year, decade to decade.....

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  11. Nagging Injuries Won't Stop LeSean McCoy from Monster Season

    LeSean McCoy put up huge stats in 2013 for the Philadelphia Eagles . Will McCoy's preseason injuries affect his regular-season play? Who could step up if he had to miss a game? Watch as Adam Lefkoe goes in depth with NJ...

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  12. Foles' Play Answers the Skeptics

    THE STORY has hung in the air so long, it has lost some lift. Not until Nick Foles sloshes through an entire early regular-season game the way he started last night's exhibition game against...

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  13. Photographic Proof That Brent Celek Can't Be Stopped

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  14. After Bears Invested in Weems, Still No Returns

    The Seahawks blitzed the Chargers for 41 points last week and if there is an advantage to Seattle scoring Friday night, it will be increased opportunities for the Chicago Bears to examine the struggling return game...

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  15. Eagles-Steelers: What did we learn?

    he Eagles did mostly what they had to do in their third preseason game – generally considered the most important because it will be the longest the starters will play – and beat the Steelers , 31-21, at the Linc...

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  16. Jeremy Maclin Fine After Scary Moment

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  17. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh: Report Card Grades for Each Eagles Unit

    The Philadelphia Eagles got their preseason on track in a big way, riding strong performances from both the offense and defense en route to a 31-21 win over the interstate rival Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday...

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  18. Mark Sanchez Establishing Himself as Quality Backup in Chip Kelly's System

    Chip Kelly is not a football coach. He is a football pixie fairy sent to sprinkle offensive goodness across the world. Or a regular man who ran into a genie and used his three wishes to absorb all the offensive knowledge in the world...

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  19. Eagles' Third Preseason Game an Overall Success

    Scare-us-to-death night at Lincoln Financial Field was a huge success, bolstered by the big new video scoreboards, on which you could watch Jeremy Maclin writhe in apparent agony, or LeSean McCoy head to the locker room for thumb X-rays...

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  20. 10 Observations from Eagles-Steelers

    Brandon Graham, running back depth, Todd Herremans, Travis Long, Darren Sproles , Brandon Bair and much more in tonight's 10 observations from the Eagles ' 31-21 preseason win over the Steelers Thursday night at the Linc (see Instant Replay)...

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  21. With Offense Dominating, Defense Improving, Eagles Look Like NFC East Juggernaut

    The NFC East has for a decade running been the tightest division in football. The fight for the division crown has come down to the final Sunday of the season three years in a row, ...

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  22. Chip Kelly, Eagles Offense Already in Midseason Form, Prove Sky Is the Limit

    In 2013, the football-watching world wanted to know if new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly 's offensive wizardry would work in the NFL ...

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  23. Nick Foles' Instant Fantasy Reaction After Preseason Game vs. Steelers

    Nick Foles may have thrown an interception in the Philadelphia Eagles' preseason contest with the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday, but he was in midseason form for the rest of the game...

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  24. Matthew Tucker's Fantasy Scouting Report Following LeSean McCoy's Thumb Injury

    Philadelphia Eagles fans held their breath when LeSean McCoy left Thursday’s preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers , but it represented an opportunity for Matthew Tucker ...

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  25. Jeremy Maclin Injury: Updates on Eagles WR's Knee and Recovery

    Updates from Friday, Aug. 22 John Gonzalez of CSN Philadelphia has an update on Maclin: When he saw it, Chip Kelly “thought the worst.” It was a scary moment...

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