1. Should the Eagles Use Their Franchise Tag on Maclin, Graham in 2015?

    Of the seven Philadelphia Eagles scheduled to become unrestricted free agents in March, only two are very important. Unfortunately, neither Jeremy Maclin nor Brandon Graham may prove as easy to re-sign as hoped...

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  2. Draft Interview: Blake Sims Would Love to Play for the Eagles

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  3. Mike Mayock Has Some Bad News for Eagles Fans

    Mike Mayock has some bad news for Philadelphia Eagles fans. The NFL draft analyst opened his annual press conference held before the NFL Combine by giving a brief overview of which positions in the upcoming NFL Draft are the strongest and weakest...

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  4. Titans Are Key to Landing Marcus Mariota

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  5. For Eagles, Secondary Is the Primary Need

    If the Eagles aren't willing or able to work a draft-day deal for Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, they should focus on fixing their secondary, one draft analyst believes.....

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  6. An Eagles Marcus Mariota Deal from the Other Side

    There has been no shortage of speculation about how the Philadelphia Eagles could move up in the NFL draft for a shot at Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota...

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  7. Power Rankings: Rating the Eagles' Seasons over the Last 15 Years

    There have been 15 seasons of Eagles football in the new millennium. Most of them were pretty entertaining, but obviously none of them resulted in a Lombardi Trophy. Let's rank those 15 seasons, from most enjoyable to least enjoyable...

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  8. The Philadelphia Eagles' Round 1 Big Board Before Combine

    For the past several weeks, head coach Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles front office have been buried in game tape, dissecting what players can do on a football field...

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  9. Nate Allen Detained: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction

    Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen was arrested Monday afternoon, but he was released later in the day. He was later cleared of all charges. Continue for updates. Allen Cleared of Charges Monday, Feb...

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  10. Report: Eagles S Nate Allen Arrested in Florida

    FORT MYERS, Fla. - Fort Myers Police Department has arrested NFL star Nate Allen. Fox 4 news has confirmed with multiple sources that Allen was arrested Monday afternoon. FMPD has not released any details regarding the nature of the arrest...

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  11. Why Tagging Jeremy Maclin Is Best Move for Eagles in 2015 and Beyond

    The Philadelphia Eagles have 10 players scheduled to hit free agency , but only two make reasonable sense for the team’s franchise tag designation: wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and outside linebacker Brandon Graham...

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  12. Eagles Reportedly Turned Down Nick Foles for Josh Gordon Trade in 2013

    Imagine for a moment Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles wearing a Cleveland Browns uniform. Now, imagine that wide receiver Josh Gordon had spent the past two seasons catching passes in Philadelphia, not Cleveland...

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  13. Mayock: LSU Corner Jalen Collins Fits Eagles 'To a T'

    Assuming that Marcus Mariota never falls into Chip Kelly's hands in April's NFL draft, the Eagles are much more likely to address their defense...

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  14. Tag Jeremy Maclin? Eagles' History Says No

    PHILADELPHIA -- The Philadelphia Eagles can use their franchise tag on wide receiver Jeremy Maclin beginning Monday. If the Eagles are reluctant to do so, it would be for good reason...

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  15. Wake-Up Call: Offseason Outlook at Safety

    State of the roster The Eagles have half of the starting equation figured out, which puts them ahead of where they were this time last year. The challenge now is to find a quality option outside Malcolm Jenkins...

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  16. Eagles Can Take Page out of Polian's New Book

    WHEN PUSH came to shove, Jeff Lurie did the smart thing, he handed the personnel reins to Chip Kelly, saying something like, "If I want to drink the champagne, I've got to let you pick the grapes...

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  17. WTF Is Going on with These Eagles Jerseys

    So there I was minding my own business on Twitter one day when I saw former Eagles blogger @BountyBowl post the best and/or worst things I've ever seen. Behold these... interesting...

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  18. Eagles Must Add Ron Parker, Draft M. Peters to Complete Ultimate 2015 Defense

    The Philadelphia Eagles have many questions to answer on defense heading into the offseason. How can the Eagles improve on defense? Who should they target in free agency and ...

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  19. Philadelphia Eagles: Latest Combine News and Rumors

    Things are relatively quiet on the news front as the Philadelphia Eagles have been formulating their blueprint for free agency and the NFL draft. However, there’s a good chance business is about to pick up this week...

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  20. 6 NFL Draft Prospects Philadelphia Eagles Should Be Watching at Combine

    Compared to a lot of NFL teams, the Philadelphia Eagles are in good shape heading into the offseason. They have a significant amount of cap money if they choose to spend heavily ...

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  21. Nick Foles at Crossroads with Eagles

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  22. What Would a Marcus Mariota Trade Look Like Between Eagles and Jets?

    With every mock draft that hits the internet, speculation around the eventual landing spot of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota will continue to take place...

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  23. Eagles Need to Upgrade Safety ... Question Is: How?

    There's no denying the Eagles need to shore up the safety spot opposite Malcolm Jenkins if they're thinking bigger than just division title or first-round playoff berth...

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  24. Philadelphia Eagles: Projecting Fletcher Cox's Upcoming Contract Extension

    Extending defensive end Fletcher Cox should be one of the Philadelphia Eagles ' top priorities this offseason...

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  25. What the Eagles Can Learn About Nick Foles, QBs from NFC East Rivals

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