1. What They're Saying: Eagles-Colts on MNF

    The Eagles head to Indianapolis to do battle with the Colts in their first road game of the 2014 season on Monday night...

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  2. Foles, Eagles Look for Quick Start Against Colts

    All week, Nick Foles patiently answered questions about open wide receivers that he missed, about holding the ball too long, about poor decisions, about decoding zone defenses, about, ...

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  3. Eagles' Jason Kelce Says NFL Is Lying About Ray Rice Case

    Eagles center Jason Kelce has offered perhaps the strongest criticism yet from an NFL player about the league's handling of the Ray Rice case...

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  4. WR Huff, G Tobin Ruled Out Vs. Colts

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  5. Eagles vs. Colts: Complete Week 2 Preview for Philadelphia

    Most people probably expected the Philadelphia Eagles to come away with a 34-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 1. But the way it turned out is not how anyone could have scripted...

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  6. DT Fletcher Cox Fined for Hit on Jags' Henne

    PHILADELPHIA ­­­— Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox said he will appeal his fine for a helmet-to-helmet tackle of quarterback Chad Henne in the 34-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars at Lincoln Financial Field...

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  7. Chip: Johnson Not Impacted by New Proposal

    Player reps could vote on a new drug proposal Friday that, if passed, would lead to the reinstatement of certain players currently suspended as a result of a failed drug test...

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  8. Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts: Betting Odds, Monday Night Pick

    The Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts both dug themselves into deep holes early in Week 1, and only one of them was able to rally back for a victory...

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  9. Eagles Hire Replay Official to Help out with Challenge Flag Decisions

    The Eagles have hired former ACC senior replay official Frank Kosman to assist head coach Chip Kelly in making challenge flag decisions.....

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  10. Ertz ran into Luck by going to Stanford

    PHILADELPHIA – Eagles tight end Zach Ertz wanted to go to UCLA. The idea of living in Los Angeles, being near all those celebrities, seemed pretty good to the 18-year-old Ertz...

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  11. Colts vs. Eagles Preview

    Both teams fell behind by double digits in their Week 1 game. Only one team was able to fight its way back to win the game. The other fought back but was stopped on fourth down in the fourth quarter...

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  12. Eagles Receivers Ready for Man-to-Man Test

    It may take several more games to declare the offense fine without Jackson - particularly when it faces more man-to-man defense - but if the first game was any indication of how the outside receivers will fare this season, the Eagles should be fine...

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  13. Eagles Happy Officials Kept Pace with Their Offense

    THE EAGLES ran 82 plays in Sunday's 34-17 win over Jacksonville . Averaged a play every 22.5 seconds, which is 1 1/2 seconds faster than last year's league-leading pace...

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  14. Eagles vs. Colts: Breaking Down Philadelphia's Game Plan

    Would it surprise anybody if I suggested the Philadelphia Eagles ram All-Pro running back down the Indianapolis Colts ’ throats? The NFL ’s reigning rushing champion versus a defense that surrendered 4...

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  15. Eagles vs. Colts: What Are Experts Saying About Philadelphia?

    The Philadelphia Eagles cruised to a 17-point victory at home against one of the league's worst teams from 2013. At least, that's what the score suggests...

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  16. Eagles 2012 NFL Draft Class Delivering "Super" Impact?

    The hiring of Chip Kelly played a huge part in the Eagles getting back to winning. The emergence of the 2012 draft class has also proven to be significant. And the class keeps getting better...

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  17. Eagles Defense Needs to Be Better in Indy

    PHILADELPHIA -- No offense to Chad Henne and the Jacksonville Jaguars , but the Eagles face a different caliber of NFL offense in Indianapolis on "Monday Night Football...

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  18. Eagles' New Offensive Linemen Confident They Will Fit in

    BACK WHEN the Eagles were zipping through all 16 games, plus their playoff appearance, with the same five starting offensive linemen, continuity was important...

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  19. Cary Williams on Ray Rice Video: 'If TMZ Could Get It, Why Couldn't the NFL?'

    Speaking at his locker on Wednesday, Eagles cornerback Cary Williams had the same question that many have had since the video of running back Ray Rice striking his wife in an Atlantic City elevator was released on Monday morning...

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  20. What Went Wrong for Nick Foles in Philadelphia Eagles' Turnover-Laden Opener

    Everybody knew Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles wouldn ’t be able to duplicate his historic 2013 stat line. Only two interceptions and two fumbles lost in 14 games, including playoffs, is simply unheard of...

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  21. Nick Foles: First-Half Mistakes 'Correctable'

    PHILADELPHIA – Nick Foles drew a lot of attention for the second half of his 2013 season. Foles went 7-1 as the Philadelphia Eagles ' starting quarterback, took the team to the playoffs and went on to be named MVP of the Pro Bowl...

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  22. Debate: Which Eagle Needs a Big Game vs. Colts?

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  23. Sproles' Versatility Valuable Asset for Eagles

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  24. Eagles Sign Cobi Hamilton to Practice Squad, Reach 10-Man Limit

    The Philadelphia Eagles have filled out their 10-man practice squad with the signing of wide receiver Cobi Hamilton.....

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  25. Cox Feels Guilty About First Career TD

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