1. Lane Johnson Practicing with Eagles Tuesday

    Offensive tackle Lane Johnson expects to practice Tuesday, which is pretty good news for the Eagles ' beatup line...

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  2. Nick Foles Must Play Better for Eagles Offense to Get Back on Track

    Nick Foles is about to become a case study in quarterbacks getting all of the glory when their team wins and shouldering all of the blame in a loss. The Philadelphia Eagles were down three offensive lineman on Sunday...

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  3. McCoy's Struggles Just Get Bigger

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. - His back turned to the rest of the visitors' locker room here at Levi's Stadium, LeSean McCoy spat the word "embarrassing" into his stall before facing the reporters who'd sidled up to him...

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  4. Hobbled Offensive Line Is Foles, Kelly and Eagles' Achilles' Heel

    "It all starts on the offensive line." Everyone who played the Madden video game series when John Madden was still in it heard him intone that old chestnut often enough to be the soundtrack of their nightmares...

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  5. Eagles vs. 49ers: Full Report Card Grades for Philadelphia

    Losing to the San Francisco 49ers isn’t the end of the world. Following an emotional win over the division-rival Washington Redskins , the Philadelphia Eagles had to travel ...

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  6. Eagles' Loss Shows Plenty of Kinks to Iron Out in Philadelphia

    The Philadelphia Eagles entered Week 4 with a very tenuous 3-0 record, all three wins requiring comebacks from deficits of 10 or more points...

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  7. Instant Replay: 49ers 26, Eagles 21

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. — In a game where his team scored three return touchdowns, Chip Kelly's high-powered, NFL -leading, quick-trigger offense suddenly hit the skids.....

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  8. Kelly Wanted Ball 'In Quarterback's Hands'

    SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Observed and heard in the locker room after the Philadelphia Eagles ' 26-21 loss to the San Francisco 49ers .....

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  9. Ridiculous One Handed Catch by Jeremy Maclin

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  10. Wk4 Can't-Miss Play: Fly, Eagles, Fly

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  11. Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Brad Smith Punt Block Touchdown

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  12. Wk 4 Can't-Miss Play: Malcolm in the Endzone

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  13. Eagles vs. 49ers: Live Score and Analysis for Philadelphia

    The Philadelphia Eagles can improve to 4-0 with a win Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers . The offense has thrived under quarterback Nick Foles , although this will be a real test, with the offensive line decimated...

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  14. Eagles Get Late-Night Wake Up Call

    As the 49ers move closer toward sounding the alarm on the 2014 season, someone who apparently wants to see the home team beat the Eagles pulled an alarm at the Philadelphia team hotel...

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  15. More Fines Coming for Washington-Philly Brawl

    So far, only Washington defensive lineman Chris Baker and Philadelphia tackle Jason Peters have received fines for their role in last Sunday's rumble at Lincoln Financial Field...

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  16. Eagles vs. 49ers: Complete Week 4 Preview for Philadelphia

    The Philadelphia Eagles will see a real test to their undefeated record this Sunday, as they travel across the country to face the San Francisco 49ers ...

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  17. Injury Report: Kendricks out Sunday

    The Eagles announced Friday that center Jason Kelce (hernia) and linebacker Mychal Kendricks (calf) are officially out for Sunday's game against the 49ers ...

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  18. 49ers vs. Eagles: San Francisco Starts Fast While Philadelphia Finishes Strong

    The San Francisco 49ers are the best first half team. The Philadelphia Eagles are the best second half team...

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  19. Eagles vs. 49ers Preview

    For the second consecutive season, the San Francisco 49ers are 1-2. The Philadelphia Eagles , meanwhile, are 3-0 for the first time in a decade.....

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  20. What's so special about a Chip Kelly practice?

    PHILADELPHIA -- The tree trimmer is in luck. He is working on this block of South Broad Street just as the Philadelphia Eagles are beginning one of Chip Kelly's hyperspeed practices...

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  21. Why Isn't Brandon Boykin Starting for the Eagles?

    If the Eagles were anything less than 3-0, or 10-1 in their last 11 regular season games, the cries for more Brandon Boykin would probably be at a deafening roar rather than the steady drumbeat that has building since last year...

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  22. Eagles vs. 49ers: What Are Experts Saying About Philly?

    The Eagles are off to a hot start, currently 3-0 and alone atop the NFC East. What was once regarded by fans as a roadblock is now a very winnable matchup against the 49ers , who have struggled on both offense and defense this season...

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  23. Evaluating Philadelphia Eagles' Injury Situation Entering Week 4

    The Philadelphia Eagles were remarkably healthy throughout the 2013 season. Although they lost starting wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to an ACL tear during training camp, their only ...

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  24. Debate: Predict the Final Score vs. 49ers

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  25. 'South Park' Ripped Jerry Jones

    Most football fans were stoked on Sunday when they saw a preview for the South Park season premiere aimed at Daniel Snyder and the Washington Redskins . Well the episode aired last night and it did not disappoint...

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