1. Ertz Poised for a Breakout Season with Eagles

    THE GUY WHO is going to make you forget about DeSean Jackson this season isn't Jeremy Maclin or Riley Cooper or even rookie Jordan Matthews. Read more at http://www.philly...

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  2. Philadelphia Eagles Would Be Crazy to Trade Mark Sanchez

    Brand-new Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Mark Sanchez is having one hell of a preseason. Sanchez has completed 80.6 percent of his passes and has a passer rating of 112...

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  3. Updated 53-Man Roster Projections for Philadelphia Eagles

    The Philadelphia Eagles spent the past couple days getting down from 90 to 75 players ahead of Tuesday’s deadline...

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  4. Predicting the 53-Man Roster for the Philadelphia Eagles: Take Two

    Although I tend not to allow the preseason to affect my viewpoint of a team in any way, it was certainly nice to see the Eagles lay a beatdown on the Pittsburgh Steelers last Thursday night...

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  5. Philadelphia vs NY Jets: Eagles Preseason Week 4 Game Preview

    For the second straight week, the Philadelphia Eagles play a Thursday night game, this time hosting the New York Jets ...

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  6. Eagles Waive-Injured Julian Vandervelde to Get to 75

    The Eagles didn't delay making the bulk of their cuts to the 75-man limit, but held off on making their final move until Tuesday...

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  7. Matt Barkley in New, but Familiar Role

    PHILADELPHIA -- Matt Barkley is getting a one-week reminder of what it's like to be the No. 1 quarterback.....

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  8. Kenjon Barner Could Win Numbers Game with Eagles

    The players can all count. They can count the 53-man roster and the 10-man practice squad and, most important for those still unsure of their place in the Eagles universe, they can count the three days left to make a difference...

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  9. B/R Debate: Is LeSean McCoy Poised to Rush for 2,000 Yards?

    LeSean McCoy had a big season under first-year head coach Chip Kelly in 2013. Can McCoy run for 2,000 yards in his second year under Kelly? How many receiving yards could ...

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  10. Brandon Graham Stops Worrying, Starts Thriving

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  11. Eagles' Cole Plans to Defy Father Time

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  12. Philadelphia Eagles Preseason: Week 3 Stock Report

    In less than a week, the Philadelphia Eagles will be trimming their roster down to 53 players. In less than two weeks, head coach Chip Kelly will be finalizing the depth chart ahead ...

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  13. Realistic Projections for Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Starters

    There's a common misconception going around the city of Philadelphia that the Eagles had a bad defense last season. Not just a bad defense, but one of the worst defenses in the National Football League...

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  14. Sanchez on Trade: 'I Seriously Doubt It's Happening'

    Family and friends texted him. Guys on the team joked about it. Otherwise, Mark Sanchez said he hasn't paid attention. He claimed he hasn't watched any reports on TV or listened to any trade talk on the radio...

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  15. Eagles Looking for Improvement in Pass Defense

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Ten of the 11 likely starters on the Philadelphia Eagles defense appear to be the same as the unit that.....

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  16. Philadelphia Eagles' Projected Roster

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  17. Eagles Announce First Wave of Roster Cuts

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  18. Debate: Predict Foles' Stats for 2014

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  19. Eagles' secondary focus

    NATE ALLEN'S touted competition with Earl Wolff for a starting safety position hasn't been much of a fight...

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  20. After Lost Season, Maclin Hurt by Predictions of Injury

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  21. The Case for the Eagles to Keep Mark Sanchez

    Every player is available for the right price, but quarterbacks are at a premium, even backups like Mark Sanchez ...

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  22. Grotz: Handoff from Reid to Kelly Makes McCoy Work

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  23. Mark Sanchez: What Can Former Jet Offer for Other NFL Teams?

    Mark Sanchez seems firmly entrenched as the backup quarterback in Philadelphia. He has shown accuracy and zip in his passes throughout training camp. This has translated to the preseason as well...

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  24. Philadelphia Eagles: What We've Learned Through Week 3 of Preseason

    Preseason Week 3 brought its ups and downs for the Philadelphia Eagles . On one hand, a dominant effort by the club’s starters in their final tune-up against the Pittsburgh ...

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  25. Breaking Down Competition for Eagles' Last WR Spot

    A simple formation during a warmup drill Sunday at the NovaCare Complex could be fairly indicative of the Eagles ' wide receiver situation going into the season...

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