1. 5 Things We Learned from the Philadelphia Eagles' OTAs

    Organized team activities, or OTAs, have been ongoing around the NFL for weeks, but for the first time this offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles let the media into practice. Head coach Chip Kelly even spoke publicly for the first time since the draft..

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  2. Philadelphia Eagles: Predicting Winners of 5 Key Camp Positional Battles

    With the start of organized team activities for the Philadelphia Eagles , all eyes will be on whether Chip Kelly’s intensive offseason plan has actually paid off for the team...

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  3. Malcolm Jenkins: No One on the Eagles Thinks We Have a Race Issue

    Former Eagle LeSean McCoy may think Chip Kelly got rid of the good black players, but those who have remained in Philadelphia don't see it that way...

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  4. Tim Tebow with Eagles: 'You Can't Play It Forever, so I'm Going to Enjoy It'

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  5. Tebow Says He's Gotten Better

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  6. Chip Kelly Responds to LeSean McCoy's Comments on Race

    During a press conference Thursday, Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly responded to Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy's claim earlier this month that Kelly is apt to get rid of his star black players...

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  7. Sam Bradford Injury: Updates on Eagles QB's Recovery from Knee Surgery

    Sam Bradford is expected to be the Philadelphia Eagles ' starting quarterback in 2015 after being acquired from the St. Louis Rams in a trade, but he continues to work his way back from a torn ACL suffered last year...

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  8. Chip Kelly on Racism, Extra Points, Sam Bradford and All Things Eagles

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  9. Philadelphia Eagles: Creating the Blueprint for Optimal Offense in 2015

    The Philadelphia Eagles have an injury-prone quarterback and a cast of largely unproven or underwhelming receivers. No wonder they invested large sums of money in one of the deepest and most expensive running back fleets in the NFL ...

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  10. Chip Kelly: New PAT Rules Don't Really Change Anything

    We've heard a variety of opinions about the NFL 's decision to change the rules for extra points since the announcement that kicks will now be snapped from the 15-yard line instead of the 2-yard line...

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  11. Eagles' Sam Bradford on Schedule with Rehab

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  12. Eagles Drills Don't Include Sam Bradford

    After five months of turbulence in which the front office was turned upside down, the roster dismantled and reassembled, Chip Kelly is lifting the curtain on the 2015 Eagles and finally opening practice to the media Thursday...

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  13. Carroll Aims to Start at CB Spot

    When the Eagles open Day 3 of their Organized Team Activity to the media on Thursday, Nolan Carroll could very well be in the same position he's had for the opening two days: Taking ...

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  14. Meet the Hidden Gem of Philadelphia Eagles' 2015 Draft Class

    The Philadelphia Eagles made several interesting picks in the 2015 NFL draft. Who is the hidden gem of this draft class? Will this player have an immediate impact? Watch ...

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  15. Catching Up with the Eagles

    REPORTERS GET their first look today at the 2015 Eagles , when the team briefly opens up organized team activities, as mandated by NFL access rules...

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  16. Analyzing Philadelphia Eagles' 5 Deepest Roster Spots

    After several weeks of silence surrounding the team following the 2015 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles have finally started their OTAs ...

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  17. More to Eagles' Front-Office Overhaul Than Meets the Eye

    Much like they did with the roster this offseason, the Eagles are continuing to overhaul their scouting department and front office...

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  18. Bob Grotz: Forget Who's Playing Safety, It's Tebow Time

    Three summers ago Tim Tebow uncorked one of his finest throws on the very field on which he's mounting his comeback. It was a high fade to a corner of the end zone that only the receiver could get his hands on...

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  19. Eagles Are Prime Candidates for HBO's 'Hard Knocks' in 2016

    According of Tania Ganguli of ESPN, the Houston Texans will be featured in this year's installment of HBO's Hard Knocks, which chronicles NFL teams' day-to-day events of training camp, with special inside access...

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  20. Genius? Renegade? Chip Kelly Has Esteemed Company in His Cavalier NFL Arrival

    Bill O'Brien can't pinpoint the exact moment, but it was sometime in the early spring of 1994, when New Hampshire's football coaches visited their Brown equivalents on the Providence campus...

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  21. Marcus Smith, Philadelphia Eagles' Class of 2014 Gets Second Chance

    PHILADELPHIA -- All eyes will be on the Philadelphia Eagles ' rookies when practice is open to the media on Thursday afternoon. It wouldn't be a bad idea if at least a few eyes were trained on last year's rookies, as well...

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  22. Better Weapon: Great Line (Cowboys) or Talented RBs (Eagles)?

    The debate might be as old as leather helmets and it definitely predates soccer-style kickers. It might have been at its height in the 1990s, when two of the greatest running backs ...

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  23. 5 Questions Facing Philadelphia Eagles Rookies in 2015

    Organized team activities, or OTAs as they are commonly referred to, are underway all across the NFL right now, but regardless, the Philadelphia Eagles ' are shrouded in mystery...

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  24. Mathis Continues to Remain Conspicuous by His Absence

    That Evan Mathis remained absent from the NovaCare Complex when the first phase of the Eagles ' organized team activities began today should come as no surprise...

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  25. Eagles OTA Storylines: QBs, O-Line Shuffle, New Faces

    You can consider this Year 3 of Chip Kelly's tenure as Eagles head coach, but it's really his first season...

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