1. Cardinals shank extra point, giving 49ers chance for the win. Phil Dawson has not missed a PAT this season.

  2. Phil Dawson Nails His Two Field Goal Attempts Vs. Arizona

  3. Phil Dawson Continues To Be The Best Part Of The 49ers Offense

  4. Phil Dawson Is Perfect In One Point Win Over Atlanta

  5. Phil Dawson Is 49ers Most Consistent Offensive Player

  6. #49ers K Phil Dawson hits a 33 yard #FieldGoal. We are tied at 13 with 1:28 left in Q3. #AZvsSF

  7. #49ers K Phil Dawson hits a 33 yard #FieldGoal to end the half. We are tied at 13 with 1:28 left in Q3. #AZvsSF

  8. Phil Dawson ties the game at 13 with a 33-yard FG with 1:28 left in the third quarter.

  9. Phil Dawson Is 49ers Top Scorer In Loss Vs. Seahawks

  10. It’s fourth and 3, and the 49ers will kick it, eyeing the tie. Phil Dawson from 33-yards out. And it’s 13-13.

  11. #49ers K Phil Dawson hits a 53 yard #FieldGoal to end the half. #AZCardinals lead 6-3. #AZvsSF

  12. Phil Dawson is an ageless wonder and I love him. #49ers

  13. Phil Dawson has made 16 straight field goals...he is about to attempt a 53-yarder...

  14. Phil Dawson makes 17th straight FG, tying Mike Cofer for 3rd-longest streak in #49ers history. Dawson owns franchise record (27).

  15. This will be a 53-yard try for Phil Dawson, who is 2-2 from beyond 50 this year.

  16. Phil Dawson, MVP.

  17. SF K Phil Dawson hits from 53 as the first half expires. #AZCardinals 6, Niners 3.

  18. The 49ers will let the clock run down to kick the field goal. It’ll be a 53-yard attempt for Phil Dawson, who has made 16 straight.

  19. Only 12 kickers are perfect on PAT attempts, including Phil Dawson who, to be honest, hasn't had a lot of tries ... https://t.co/plx9pHDv7N

  20. Forty, schmorty: Kicker Phil Dawson enjoying most accurate season of his career ... #49ers https://t.co/plx9pHV5Zl

  21. Numbers game: Phil Dawson says he could keep kicking next year at age 41 ... #49ers #offensiveMVP https://t.co/plx9pHV5Zl

  22. Phil Dawson's 54 yarder glides just above the crossbar. He hasn't missed an attempt since a Week 1 try was blocked (not his fault).

  23. 54-yarder for @phil_dawson_4 is GOOD! #49ers scoring drive: 9 plays, 44 yards, 4:31. https://t.co/YhnImHU1XW

  24. 26-yard FG for @phil_dawson_4. #49ers drive: 12 plays, 73 yards, 4:59. 13-6 Rams with 1:53 left in half. #SFvsSTL https://t.co/fZN04hC5RR

  25. The 49ers pull to within 13-6 after Phil Dawson’s short field goal.

  26. #TBT @phil_dawson_4's Lake Highlands High School highlight tape. https://t.co/iCzzF7KAKE

  27. 44-yard FG for @phil_dawson_4 is good! https://t.co/eHrKY8iOZH

  28. #49ers Joe Staley and Phil Dawson team captains today.

  29. #49ers scoring drive: 9 plays, 41 yards, 2:45 resulting in a 44-yard @phil_dawson_4 FG. 10-6 49ers w/ 3:20 remaining in 1st half. #ATLvsSF

  30. 2 TDs for @GCells85 and a @phil_dawson_4 FG put the #49ers up by four at the half. #ATLvsSF https://t.co/mUqAtaUIRl

  31. 27-yard FG for @phil_dawson_4 is good! 20-10 Seahawks with 9:44 remaining in 3rd Q. #SFvsSEA https://t.co/O66JgLLWP6

  32. Phil Dawson's FG (15th straight make) pulls #49ers within 20-10 with 9:44 left in third vs #Seahawks

  33. Phil Dawson’s 27-yard FG makes it Seahawks 20, 49ers 10 with 9:44 left in the third. Scoring drive was eight plays, 56 yards in 3:27.

  34. #49ers have to settle for a FG and @phil_dawson_4 is good from 25-yards. https://t.co/oO4WG9xkzg

  35. #49ers fail to punch it into the end zone after a first and goal from the 7. Phil Dawson’s FG makes it 23-13 to cap 10-play, 64-yard drive.

  36. #49ers notes: Mentioned- Vance McDonald, Anquan Boldin, Phil Dawson, Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Tiller, Quinton Patton https://t.co/oEYSMDIUEw

  37. Phil Dawson has made 16 straight FG attempts. #49ers

  38. Phil Dawson tacks on a 25-yd #FieldGoal to make it a 10 point game again. Seahawks 23-13 in 3Q #SFvsSEA

  39. Phil Dawson good from 25 yards out. Back to a 10-point game. 23-13 Seahawks.

  40. Phil Dawson makes it a 10 point game with a 27-yard #FieldGoal. Seahawks 20-10 in 3Q #SFvsSEA

  41. Phil Dawson FG good from 27 yards out. 20-10 Seahawks. 49ers inching closer.

  42. Gabbert complete to McDonald short of the first down. 49ers will run out Phil Dawson for the FG attempt. #SFvsSEA

  43. Between quarters, Phil Dawson was checking out the area where Ravens kicker Justin Tucker found a hole in the Levi’s turf.