1. Most valuable offseason addition for Chargers so far? CB Patrick Robinson has a case: http://t.co/IfPqfP9ugQ http://t.co/yERheXYW3r

  2. Incomplete pass after Patrick Robinson puts the pressure on. Brings up 3rd & 12 #CLEvsSD

  3. Patrick Robinson is the lone highlight of this game thus far.

  4. A big plus is that Patrick Robinson is playing very well this season. It's the defensive line that just cannot stop the run

  5. Patrick Robinson starting for Jason Verrett, who is not in uniform for Chargers today.

  6. Thank goodness for Patrick Robinson. https://t.co/KLD5Q7OQwG

  7. Chargers CB Patrick Robinson making second straight start. Last week, it was for Brandon Flowers. Today, Jason Verrett.

  8. Patrick Robinson starting at cornerback today for Jason Verrett.

  9. And Patrick Robinson was just introduced with the starters. He will play/start instead of Verrett

  10. That's not a real football player. They pulled that guy from the stands to embarrass Patrick Robinson.

  11. So the Chargers are down both starting cornerbacks. Mager questionable to return. Patrick Robinson & Steve Williams only remaining CB's

  12. Patrick Robinson just decked Donald Butler (I think) while blitzing. That was kind of fun. #SDvsMIN

  13. Chargers start Patrick Robinson at CB in place of Brandon Flowers.

  14. D.J. Fluker first-team RG in warmups. Patrick Robinson the CB in place of Brandon Flowers. Could see more of Stevie Williams today, too.

  15. With Brandon Flowers (knee) out, Patrick Robinson will get the start at cornerback for the Chargers. David... http://t.co/7xgIsb3t9z

  16. Patrick Robinson, it could be your day. https://t.co/HXjbT8Wp7o

  17. PICK!!! Patrick Robinson

  18. Patrick Robinson with the pick!! #DETvsSD http://t.co/YWfJtUweNL

  19. Patrick Robinson picks off Stafford. And Chargers and Lions are trading turnovers in the 2nd half

  20. Patrick Robinson with a HUGE INT!! Chargers are now in the Red-Zone! #DETvsSD

  21. Patrick Robinson, former Saints first-round pick, with first interception as a Charger. Can offense take advantage? Ball at DET 17.