1. Patrick Peterson has yet to give up 100 receiving yards total. He has allowed just 85 yards through 4 games. : @mike_yduarte

  2. 'Ecstatic' Peterson to Return to PR Duties

  3. Patrick Peterson to Donate $1 Million to LSU

  4. #AZCardinals CB Patrick Peterson was targeted just twice and allowed one catch for minus-one yards, per @PFF.

  5. Patrick Peterson has yet to give up 100 receiving yards...TOTAL. Has allowed just 85 through 4 games. #Shutdown http://t.co/6iheG6Q8Mn

  6. In past two games, CB Patrick Peterson has given up one catch for minus-one yard on three targets, per @PFF.

  7. Rams have done a nice job pinning Patrick Peterson to sideline on punts. Likely to try again here.

  8. Replay looked like Campbell got majority of hit but sack goes to Golden. Patrick Peterson gets 9 yards on return.

  9. Odell Beckham Jr., Patrick Peterson & Joe Haden in Arizona for tonight's Pro Bowl. #nfl #nflprobowl #2015probowl #odellbeckhamjr #joehaden #patrickpatterson

  10. ``He's got the best ball skills in the game,'' Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson on Julio Jones. http://t.co/52HxYfMfy3

  11. Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson, Joe Haden, Aqib Talib have much respect for Julio Jones; talk about defending him http://t.co/52HxYfMfy3

  12. Patrick Peterson on the Cardinals sending a message to the rest of the NFL with a 47-7 win over the 49ers:... http://t.co/bZk1f341UW

  13. 49ers WR Torrey Smith (targeted 2) zero catches. Patrick Peterson

  14. Patrick Peterson with a 4-yard return on that punt.

  15. Patrick Peterson returning punt

  16. Patrick Peterson. Marcus Peters second best. https://t.co/uofAwjAtWi

  17. Bruce Arians said CB Patrick Peterson will start out as the Cardinals punt returner Sunday vs. Niners. http://t.co/DPwnn03Qyl

  18. Wasn't separating from Patrick Peterson at all. Against the Bucs yes, but by then Brees was throwing with a noodle. https://t.co/PpKIBRy0al

  19. Arians said the missed coverage by #AZCardinals allowing the 48-yard Bellamy TD was on Patrick Peterson.

  20. Arians said Bears first TD, Bellamy’s 48-yarder, was blown coverage by Patrick Peterson. #AZCardinals