1. Patrick Patterson's miserable preseason continues. This time with game on the line. #WeTheNorth #Raptors https://t.co/f4eFMnS02r

  2. Improved D, Slim Lowry and Drizzy in the 6: Raptors Season Preview

  3. Patterson Has Inside Track on Raptors PF Spot

  4. Despite his quiet pre-season, Patrick Patterson still hopes to start for Raptors this year: http://t.co/EBQnaeXJcT

  5. Video: Patrick Patterson discusses the preseason and being aggressive offensively http://t.co/XHn4hcQhx4 http://t.co/5pes3D2YqL

  6. ICYMI, Despite his quiet pre-season, Raptors F Patrick Patterson is still hoping to open the campaign as a starter: http://t.co/EBQnaeXJcT

  7. #Raps on the floor to start the 2nd: - @Cory_Joe - @T_DotFlight31 - @Bruno_Caboclo - @pdpatt - @bismackbiyombo0 #WeTheNorth #RTZ

  8. Patrick Patterson: Will the Former Kentucky Wildcat be a full time starter with the Raptors? https://t.co/52YBjNkp9X https://t.co/aCcqCOrd2G

  9. Great time @CineplexMovies last night as @pdpatt hosted fans at the screening of Paranormal Activity #ParanormalPat https://t.co/TtHmaUkAmo

  10. On the floor to start the 4th for T.O: @Cory_Joe , @T_DotFlight31 , @DeMar_DeRozan , @pdpatt , @bismackbiyombo0 . #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  11. Patrick Patterson's confidence is in the dumpster. He's passing up shots in favor of turning it over. https://t.co/isgicykFiT

  12. My chat w/ @pdpatt on the playoffs, starting, growing as a player & much more. https://t.co/pDwC9otG00 #Raptors #RTZ #Sportsnet

  13. Patrick Patterson, ketchup chip super fan, is back in. Raptors down 3. 5:35 to go.

  14. We see you @pdpatt. #RTZ https://t.co/sXS8hIysBi

  15. It was raining triples tonight for @pdpatt. He is your @BioSteelSports Performer of the Game. #WeTheNorth https://t.co/OP7WSB0Ddp

  16. "I was a little passive in the preseason." Listen to Patrick Patterson discuss his play to start the season -> https://t.co/myTYrEw7b7

  17. Patrick Patterson: Boo boo

  18. Patrick Patterson is struuuuuuggggling. My tweet game is also strugggggling.

  19. Guys, what happened to Patrick Patterson?

  20. Stray 1Q thoughts: Patrick Patterson is very bad.

  21. What does a bank like BMO know about what happened to Patrick Patterson? I want answers man.

  22. Patrick Patterson finally gets an open 3 to drop

  23. There you go @pdpatt !  #RTZ

  24. Raps struggling to corral defensive rebounds. Not unrelated: Patrick Patterson is on the court.

  25. Hey now, Patterson with the o-board and bucket. Are you there Patrick?

  26. Patrick Patterson did something positive! He got a putback!

  27. There he is!  @pdpatt #RTZ

  28. Hey, Patrick Patterson just hit a 3. DeMar DeRozan picked up his game-high 9th assist on the play. Suddenly, everything coming up Raptors.

  29. Two times for Patrick Patterson. It wasn't a huge game, but 10 points with 2 threes is a big step up for him.

  30. New: Post-Game Audio: Dwane Casey and Patrick Patterson - https://t.co/JEqgf03BBg https://t.co/tIujkoZAXm

  31. "When my shot falls, my confidence goes up." Patrick Patterson spoke to the media after last night's win. WATCH: https://t.co/WSi5obUarn

  32. Patrick Patterson going back to back from deeeep. We need more of this.

  33. Patrick Patterson with back-to-back threes to end the quarter and give Raps a 23-22 lead after one. Lowry picked up his second foul late.

  34. Ok @pdpatt we  you.  #RTZ

  35. Patrick Patterson knocks one down from deep, trims it to 5, @Raptors get a stop, DeRozan 1/2 from the line and its a 4-point game on NBATV!

  36. Raptors with Patrick Patterson on the floor have out-scored the Lakers tonight by 31 - with Scola, Lakers up 15 points

  37. Raptors up 9 with 4:42 left as Lakers seem not to realize smallish frontcourt of James Johnson and Patrick Patterson might be vulnerable

  38. Want to see Legend feat. Tom Hardy tmrw night w/ @pdpatt ? Use #PatPresents w/ info here -> https://t.co/db6OFlh82E https://t.co/Y0hglQGCVk