1. McHale on Beverley: "He's not hurt. He had a vehicular problem. Missing shootaround, no one wants that. He got fined. He's available."

  2. Beverley 'Definitely' Playing vs. Grizzlies

  3. Pat Beverley : "I'm definitely playing tonight."

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  5. Rockets' Defensive Issues Need to Be Addressed...Soon

  6. Beverley said was detained today because had an old credit card on his EZ tag account. Any letters might have gone to former Houston home.

  7. Pat Beverley went to jail because EZ tag (toll system) was charging his old credit card. It became a warrant, he was arrested.

  8. Pat Beverley: "I went to jail for EZ tag. It was very weird. Especially me. I could have had a better story than that."

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  10. Rockets' Beverley Arrested for Traffic Violation

  11. Rockets' Beverley (Concussion) Expected to Play Tonight

  12. Beverley volunteered to be a spokesman for EZ tag. "Houston drivers. Remember, get your EZ Tag updated. Make sure you got it up to date.'

  13. Beverley on going to jail: "I could have had a better story than that. I went in bc of that? I should be the spokesperson for EZ tag now."

  14. I think it's going to be a while before I get a quote I like more than Pat Beverley's "I went to jail for EZ Tag."

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  16. Beverley Crosses Dragic, Caps Drive with Slam

  17. Beverley Destroys Dragic's Ankles, Heat Rim on Same Play

  18. Patrick Beverley: "I went to jail for EZ Tag." Great interview. Here's the full video: https://t.co/OoqbhnQL0b

  19. Jason Terry comes in off the bench. No Patrick Beverley as of yet.

  20. McHale seemed to indicate that Beverley would remain in usual place in rotation, but Terry comes in for Lawson.

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  22. Beverley Elated to Be on Court After Long Layoff

  23. Beverley Is Perfect 'Other' Guard in Beard-Lawson Mix

  24. Lawson returns for Harden while Beverley sits. He apparently is still in EZ Tag jail.

  25. McHale is likely sitting Beverley for the first quarter or half because he missed shootaround. I'd expect to him to play later in the game.

  26. Rockets' Patrick Beverley detained by police over toll road violation https://t.co/0RjOvjEnpB https://t.co/84SQCYTSLO

  27. Pat Beverley checks in for first time. Obviously held out in first half. EZ does it.

  28. Beverley checks in. Beverley hits a 3. HOU 79 BKN 68 2:57, Q3.

  29. Thinking Beverley doesn't need to foul Bargnani 18 feet from basket while shooting a jumper. Harden, Thornton, Ariza check into 1-pt gm.

  30. Pat Beverley is "legal with eagle, bro," he tells cops in arrest dash cam video https://t.co/2YbWfd8Ptl https://t.co/MlNnfZxETC

  31. Patrick Beverley had a rough morning yesterday over some unpaid toll fees: https://t.co/4pxM56oorp https://t.co/7piO7HvZ3S

  32. New starting lineup did not do much. Capela, Beverley, Jones check in. Harden has many points, though can't really say how many here.

  33. Only bucket from Rockets bench is a 3 Jones hit to beat the shot clock. Beverley did need only five minutes to get two fouls.

  34. At this point, McHale just trying to find a few guys who are not playing terribly. Beverley returns for Lawson.

  35. Patrick Beverley is limping around and is checking himself out of the game, heading to the locker room.

  36. Injury to insult, #Rockets down 41-35, Beverley is limping badly and is now going straight to locker room.

  37. Replay shows Beverley rolled his left ankle. He wasn't touched on the play.

  38. Beverley turned ball over, missed a 3 and seemed to turn an ankle. Lawson back in. Beverley heads to locker room. Officials watching video.

  39. Pat Beverley is out with a sprained left ankle.

  40. Patrick Beverley will not return due to a left ankle sprain.

  41. Beverley sprained his left ankle - will not return. #Rockets

  42. Pat Beverley leaving in a walking boot and crutches on sprained left ankle.

  43. Beverley would not comment about injury or game. Cited media coverage of his toll road arrest for unwillingness to address questions.

  44. Pat Beverley just went past us in the hall. He has a heavy cast/boot on his foot and is walking with crutches.

  45. As Patrick Beverley comes by on crutches, Rick Carlisle says, "Oh, no. I'm going to miss you tonight." Beverley responds, "I bet you will."

  46. #Rockets w/ 10 available players tonight vs Mavericks. KJ (RGV), Dekker (back), D-Mo (back), Howard (rest), Beverley (ankle) all out.

  47. Pat Beverley and Sam Dekker are out for Rockets tonight. Trevor Ariza questionable with groin strain. Montrezl Harrell is probable.

  48. #Rockets Beverley, Dekker are out tonight. Ariza is questionable (groin) & Harrell is probable.

  49. Rockets' Patrick Beverley is OUT for tonight's game vs. the Celtics. https://t.co/VbYtW9PMVt https://t.co/gFgyePnezW

  50. Kevin McHale said he has no timetable on Pat Beverley's return from a sprained ankle. Beverley is out of the boot.

  51. Rockets start with Lawson-Harden-Ariza-Jones-Howard. Harrell and KJ are available off the bench, Beverley's out.

  52. #Rockets FG% this season: J.Harden 37.2%, T.Ariza 33.6%, T.Lawson 33.3%, P.Beverley 34.2%, C.Brewer 29.9%