1. #Colts kicker Pat McAfee has a strange request for his visit to London. https://t.co/IWk0iyqHHC https://t.co/b9D9YAr829

  2. McAfee Playing at an All-Pro Level

  3. #Colts' Pat McAfee wants to meet Queen Elizabeth. #ColtsBlitz.com story/video @PatMcAfeeShow https://t.co/lLhusQWgGp https://t.co/7euXLTLR3S

  4. Pat McAfee is promising an all out social media blitz to try and meet the Queen of England.

  5. McAfee 61-yard punt. At least he decided to show up today

  6. Outstanding execution of punt. McAfee high floater, downed at 1 by Dewey McDonald. Still would have gone for it.

  7. Great onside kick attempt by McAfee. Saints come out of pile with it,

  8. Huge plays from Moncrief, McAfee, Fleener, Jackson, Walden … the list goes on… https://t.co/z0zlq9DGO7

  9. Hear from Coby Fleener, Adam Vinatieri and Pat McAfee on today's win against Atlanta: https://t.co/V95qX8Nggh https://t.co/PlGNlQQ5tf

  10. In story i linked, I love nugget from Pat McAfee about how Donte Moncrief has begged to play sp teams. Had a huge play 2day in punt coverage

  11. More McAfee on Vinatieri: "Guy's wearing Depends and just knocking home game-winners every week."

  12. McAfee says Vinatieri always says yeah when he's ready before a FG, except game-winners. On those, has the look of a "soulless man".

  13. Nice coverage by Moncrief. Downs McAfee punt at 1. OK, defense, one more time.

  14. Perfect punt by McAfee, downed by Moncrief at the 1.

  15. WATCH: Pat McAfee does Odell Beckham Jr. impression before Colts' game vs. Falcons https://t.co/xvDhF0CE7v https://t.co/ktykvvUcEp

  16. Colts punter Pat McAfee nominated for Salute to Service Award https://t.co/uvxOCpYV7C

  17. And so, during halftime warm-ups, we see Pat McAfee directional punting toward sideline. A bit late for that. #Colts

  18. Broncos scored, but Pat McAfee nearly stopped Bolden by knocking a blocker into his path, which is almost even more impressive

  19. McAfee, the first-half MVP for Colts, bangs one well into the EZ.

  20. VIDEO: Colts' punter Pat McAfee reclaims his golf swing celebration ⛳️ ! https://t.co/PU8tXsyzMH https://t.co/DtINM3cpX6

  21. McAfee with the Colts' best play of the night. A punt that pins CAR at 4.

  22. Pat McAfee continues to be the MVP. #Colts

  23. At least Pat McAfee showed up. Again. One of few bright spots. Moncrief downed punt inside 5.

  24. Nothing against McAfee but when the punter is the highlight of your night, you're have a crapbucket of a night. #Colts

  25. #Colts NFL leaders so far: – D’Qwell Jackson (79 tackles) – Mike Adams (4 INTs, tied) – Pat McAfee (46.2 punt avg)

  26. Pat McAfee supports struggling return man Griff Whalen #Colts https://t.co/fY5UaPEu7g https://t.co/0LgWEnRUTY

  27. "It turned out to be one of the most failed fakes probably of all time." –Colts punter Pat McAfee on Indy's botched fourth-down trick play in loss to Patriots. [Credit: Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images]

  28. Colts punter Pat McAfee: “For the players we have to get back to work so we can make our fans happy, our team... https://t.co/1I7jYJyrtf

  29. All i can say at this point is thank God for Pat McAfee. Might need to ice his leg after yesterday. https://t.co/ButEONzJDz via @indystar

  30. Pat McAfee up, Andrew Luck down in Colts' loss to Saints https://t.co/Du6xTDmgLO

  31. Pat McAfee up, Andrew Luck down in Colts' loss to Saints https://t.co/R5GDZNFu1w

  32. Pat McAfee is the best special teams player in the NFL.