Reason No. 1: A Cutting-Edge Platform

Conventional wisdom says that a good craftsman never blames his tools. Then again, conventional wisdom doesn't always apply to the evolving realities of digital media—especially not when the most popular content is so often that created with the most potent publishing resources.

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The good news, for you, is that the B/R Writer Program primes its members for success by providing all publishers with…

  • A range of reader-friendly formats

    From slideshows and live blogs to classic long-form editorials, we'll give you all the formatting options you need to please a crowd on any occasion.

  • A wealth of multimedia gizmos

    Online readers are notorious for their short attention spans—but our image, video, and polling functionalities are compelling enough to hook even the most distracted info junkie.

  • A library of patented training literature

    Wondering how to make the most of B/R's high-tech smorgasbord? Our exhaustive how-to guides outline all the key strategies and best practices of successful online authors.  

  • A team of on-the-spot copy editors

    Our professional prose jockeys will check your grammar, fix your typos, and optimize your article for search-engine placement—and then they'll deliver a handful of personalized tips to help you get by with less help the next time around.

In sum, the B/R publishing platform is a godsend for any writer hoping to prosper in  a digital medium. More to the point, it's everything a serious journalist could ask for...except, alas, for that old-fashioned aura of newsprint and black ink.

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Bleacher Report by the Numbers

Average Acceptance Rate
No more than 15 percent of applicants are accepted in any given month—and the number is often much lower.

Average Experience Level
Most accepted applicants have at least several years of formal journalism work or education to their credit.

Average Response Time
We typically process applications within 7-10 business days, with occasional delays during peak periods.

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