Reason No. 5: A Sky-High Horizon

At the beginning of this pitch, we told you that B/R could help you reach your wildest sportswriting dreams. In conclusion, it seems only fitting that we would showcase the various milestones you'll pass on the road to the top.

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As a member of the B/R Writer Program, you'll be free to chase private goals and public glory in the form of…

  • One-time awards for your outstanding articles

    Whenever one of your submissions generates an exceptional number of reads or comments, we'll commemorate the occasion with a permanent medal on your B/R Profile.

  • Monthly honors in B/R's Top Writer competitions

    First place goes to those authors who attract the most monthly readers to team- or sport-specific articles, so don't be shy in writing early and often about your own particular subject of expertise.

  • Lifetime advancement through B/R's Writer Rankings system

    Each time you earn an article medal or win a monthly competition, you'll move one step closer to the next level in the ranking hierarchy—and each time you climb from one tier to the next, you'll be eligible for an ever-more-tantalizing list of perks and rewards.

  • Career opportunities in B/R's Featured Columnist Program

    Featured Columnists are hand-picked from among  the highest-ranked members of the Writer Program to cover team- and sport-specific beats. And yes—the best of the best get paid for their work as full-time B/R staff writers.

Since its founding in 2007, Bleacher Report has supported thousands of authors in their pursuit of personal and professional ambition.  We'd relish the chance to do the same for you—but of course we can't do anything at all until you take the first step by submitting a Writer Program Application today.

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Bleacher Report by the Numbers

Average Acceptance Rate
No more than 15 percent of applicants are accepted in any given month—and the number is often much lower.

Average Experience Level
Most accepted applicants have at least several years of formal journalism work or education to their credit.

Average Response Time
We typically process applications within 7-10 business days, with occasional delays during peak periods.

Questions about B/R?

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