10 Secrets of B/R's Success—And Yours Too

Sports media hasn't been the same since Bleacher Report crashed the gates, leveled the playing field, and turned the industry on its head.

As a member of the Writer Program, you'll have every opportunity to repeat the feat on your own terms—provided you're bold enough to blaze a new trail and smart enough to follow the folks who beat down the door before you.

The Success

We won't bore you by rehashing the details of B/R's success story. We will, however, remind you that your position in the Writer Program makes you a key player in the narrative, and we'll encourage you to earn your place on the stage—or on the platform, as it were—by taking the time to study the script.

If you're ready to learn, we can teach you. If you're willing to work, we can give you the tools you'll need to excel. The only question is whether you're prepared to make the necessary effort—and the only answer is the one you'll reveal with your day-in, day-out performance in the weeks and months ahead.

The Secrets

The Writer Tutorial spotlights 10 crucial lessons—10 in-house secrets—for established and aspiring digital journalists. Ignore them and you're almost certain to fall short of your long-term goals. Internalize them, on the other hand—get to know them from the bottom up and the inside out, with the ultimate aim of being able to apply them by instinct—and you'll be well on your way to rewriting that old adage about historical ignorance:

Those who can't remember the past are condemned to repeat it…but those who build on success may yet write a future worth reading about.

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