B/R Copy Editing Internship Program: Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do B/R copy editing interns do?

Alongside our growing team of paid editors, interns are responsible for reviewing and revising the site’s 500-plus daily submissions. Their editorial oversight helps B/R maintain its reputation as the sports world's most vibrant and entertaining website.

To learn more about B/R—and about the role played by B/R copy editors—be sure to check out the video summary of our publishing process.


2. Who can participate in the Copy Editing Internship Program?

The internship program is designed for journalism students and recent grads at the university and graduate school level, preferably with prior hands-on journalism experience. B/R also welcomes working professionals with prior journalistic experience.

University-level students who aren’t journalism majors but who do have journalistic experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as all applicants must pass a copy editing test. 

All duties are performed online, so location is not an obstacle. Candidates from outside the U.S. are eligible.


3. What commitments does the Copy Editing Internship entail?

The internship program runs for 12 weeks. Interns are asked to commit to a 15-hour weekly schedule of their choosing. Interns are expected to average 3-4 edits for every hour worked.

B/R understands that interns are often burdened by other professional and educational commitments, so schedules may be altered to meet individual needs—including the use of makeup weeks to accommodate vacations. The bottom line is this: If you can find 15 hours per week in which to put in some quality work, you can edit for B/R.


4. What will I learn as a copy editing intern, and who will help me learn it?

Copy editing interns receive thorough instruction in B/R’s editing philosophy and methodology, with particular emphasis on the nuances of online content management. 

Each intern is paired with a personal Editor Trainer who provides hands-on guidance throughout the full course of the intern’s 12-week program. B/R’s Editor Trainers are well versed in the unique challenges of working with a writer base of thousands, and they have a long record of success in helping new interns learn the tricks of the trade. 

Interns also receive valuable feedback from the writers whose work they edit. While it’s true that copy editors are expected to assist writers in improving their craft, more often than not the relationship proves to be just as edifying in the opposite direction.  

5. Can a Copy Editing Internship lead to paid employment?

Yes—B/R asks exceptional interns to join its team of paid editors. In fact, almost all of B/R’s current paid editors are former interns, and several are asked to join the paid ranks each month.

The hiring process is highly competitive, and B/R makes no promises to prospective applicants. The most successful candidates are those who show consistent development through the course of their internships, proving their reliability by performing consistent, high-quality edits while reaching or exceeding hourly volume targets.

B/R also makes a point of providing professional references and letters of recommendation for all successful interns. In the past, interns have landed jobs with such media organizations as Fox Sports and have been accepted to graduate-level programs all over the country.


6. Does the Copy Editing Internship qualify for course credit?

Yes—B/R Copy Editing Internships are recognized for course credit by most major institutions. You should check with the administrators at your school to confirm the details in your particular case.

7. How can I become a B/R copy editing intern?

To submit a Preliminary Application for the Copy Editing Internship Program, please visit http://bleacherreport.com/pages/internapplication.

Qualified applicants will be contacted with further details within three business days of submitting the Preliminary Application.