San Francisco, CA (June 2, 2010) — With its 700 featured columnists being the foundation of one of the largest digital sports properties according to comScore, Bleacher Report has inaugurated new editorial guidelines to enhance its credibility with sports fans everywhere even further.

Bleacher Report launched in February 2008 as an open contribution network for sportswriting. Under that model, the site initially attracted over 10,000 amateur and professional writers who sought to  take advantage of Bleacher Report’s network effects and reach a much larger audience than they could on their own.

Now one of the country’s foremost digital sports networks, Bleacher Report content can be found on the site itself as well as wide syndication deals with,, San Francisco Chronicle', Houston Chronicle's,  San Antonio Express-News' and,,, and thousands of other media properties, fan sites, and blogs. As the site’s exposure has grown, the editorial team has continued to raise the bar on quality.

“We've formally moved away from an instant publication model, and all new writers are now required to submit an application before they publish on Bleacher Report,” explains Vice President of Content and Co-Founder David Finocchio. “Applicants who live up to our more rigorous 2010 editorial standards are accepted. Those who don’t are invited to continuing working on their writing and analysis, and apply again in the future. Exclusivity is based on the bar set by our 700 top writers.”

Bleacher Report unveiled its new editorial guidelines:

In sum, the new policy is intended to elevate Bleacher Report’s reputation as a source of high-quality content, which will in turn increase the prestige that accrues to each of the site’s individual writers.

“We're firm believers that good content begets good content,” says Finocchio.  “As we continue to grow as a media property, we will attract more and more talented writers, raising the quality bar. We're very proud of this milestone, and we will always work to improve the quality of the content on Bleacher Report.”

About Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ( is the leading publisher of original and entertaining sports editorial content. It is the fastest-growing sports digital media property, based on the fastest growing properties in the top 300 Quantcast rankings since August 2009. Since launching in 2008, Bleacher Report has built an audience of more than 8million unique visitors per month to its web site and reaches more than 600,000 email subscribers via its daily newsletters. Utilizing a unique “data-driven” methodology for creating and programming sports content on the web, Bleacher Report's editorial team and featured columnists originate more than 500 storiesa day. Bleacher Report articles and analysis are syndicated by leading media outlets such as, and BleacherReport produces online local editions for the Los Angeles Times,,and in Hearst Newspapers' four largest markets: San Francisco Chronicle', Houston Chronicle's, San Antonio Express-News' and