The Don'ts and Dos of Publishing on Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report boasts the Web's most exclusive roster of reader-pleasing sportswriters—and you can't expect to stay on the team if you don't know how to play by the rules.

A Note of Caution

As a service to the writers and readers who call the network home, B/R explicitly prohibits five classes of nest-fouling submissions:

  • Off-topic content, which compromises B/R's standing as an exclusive source of sports news and analysis

    Subclasses: Non-sports content, fictional content (including satire), community commentary

  • Non-original content, which isn't uniquely created by its stated author

    Subclasses: Plagiarized content, third-party content, recycled submissions

  • Unverified content, which violates Bleacher Report's Attribution Guidelines

    Subclasses: Uncorroborated news reports, unsourced quotes and rumors, unsupported "facts"

  • Offensive content, which violates B/R's Terms of Use

    Subclasses: Vulgar content, salacious content, insensitive content

  • Discreditable content, which reflects poorly on its author and B/R

    Subclasses: Promotional content, poorly conceived content, poorly produced content

The five sections of the Content Standards tutorial provide detailed descriptions of the various prohibited classes. If you don't take the time to study the guidelines, you'll have to face the consequences of your violations—which may include the deletion of your inadmissible articles or the complete revocation of your publishing privileges.

A Word of Encouragement

B/R's most fundamental mission always has been and always will be to empower talented sportswriters. In that sense, you should approach the Content Standards less as a check on your creative freedom and more as a key to your ultimate success—especially insofar as empowerment is most effective when it happens in a framework of professionalism and responsibility.

You joined the Writer Program because you've got something to say. We started the Writer Program because we want to help you say it—but you have to meet us halfway by respecting the time-tested conventions of your peers and predecessors.

All right, you scared me straight—now help me stay out of trouble.

The pages that follow identify five essential principles—five emphatic "Don'ts"—corresponding to B/R's five classes of prohibited content. Each "Don't" is accompanied by a handful of concrete tips on how to "Do It Right," along with links to a copious library of case-study literature on the B/R Blog.

With a little study and a lot of diligence, you'll be able to steer clear of our Content Moderation police—and, more importantly, you'll be well on your way toward bigger and better things as a law-abiding citizen of the B/R community.

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