3 Rules To Live By Link By on Bleacher Report

Thorough and accurate attribution is a hallmark of high-quality journalism—and Bleacher Report writers take pride in doing it better than anyone on the Web.

Three Rules

In accordance with the various sourcing bylaws outlined in our Content Standards and Style Guide, B/R's Attribution Guidelines establish three distinct rules for the use of attributive hyperlinks:

As a member of the Writer Program, you're obligated to learn and heed the letter of the three "rules to link by"—lest you see your articles deleted or publishing privileges revoked as a result of easily avoidable negligence.

One Reason

For the record, no one on B/R's Content Moderation Team likes to bust writers for missing hyperlinks. In fact, we'd much prefer to live in a world where journalistic integrity could be taken for granted—but reality is reality, and we can't afford to ignore it any more than you can.

Credibility, as they say, is every journalist's most precious asset. That truism is doubly true in cyberspace, where the superabundance of misinformation has conditioned online readers to doubt by default. In order to win the trust of your audience, you have to scrupulously attribute your reporting and analytical work—which is why we'll always be standing by to enforce the rules and protect your interests.

Okay, I get that you're on my side—now stop preaching and start teaching.

The pages that follow contain complete explanations of B/R's three "rules to link by." Each page includes step-by-step instructions for following the rule in question, along with concrete examples of "Attribution in Action" and links to relevant posts on the B/R blog.

If you have any lingering questions or concerns after you review the Attribution Guidelines—or if you're ever unsure about how to apply one of the rules at any point in the future—don't hesitate to contact B/R's Content Moderation Team for further information.

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