1. Sudirman Cup 2017: Updated Points, Standings and Schedule After Sunday

    Defending champions China beat Hong Kong on the first day of the 2017 Sudirman Cup at Australia's Gold Coast on Sunday. China won 4-1, and there were also wins for Japan and Vietnam in the Group 1 fixtures...

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  2. Bay to Breakers 2017 Results: Men and Women's Top Finishers and Best Photos

    Kenya's Philemon Cheboi and Ethiopia's Buze Diriba won the men's and women's divisions, respectively, at Sunday's Bay to Breakers 12k race in San Francisco...

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  3. Bay to Breakers 2017: Route, Course Map, Times, Road Closures and Event Details

    The third Sunday in May marks the annual running of the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. Since being established in 1912, the Bay to Breakers is not your average road race...

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  4. The Beer Mile World-Record Holder Explains How He Became the GOAT

    "I can chug, no matter what." So says Corey Bellemore, a 22-year-old runner from the University of Windsor in Canada and the world-record holder for the beer mile...

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  5. This Is a Test

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  6. Biker's Camera Shows Bear Chasing Fellow Rider

    Biking can be a fun way to burn calories while enjoying nature in all its beauty...when bears aren't lurking on the trail. A Slovakian rider's helmet camera was rolling when a bear started chasing his friend...

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  7. Pittsburgh Marathon 2017: Route, Course Map, Times and Event Details

    The countdown is on for Sunday's 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon, where runners will gather to run the 26.2-mile course...

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