1. Anderlecht Name Lineup to Take on Gala

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  2. Galatasaray Charged on Flare Trouble

    Galatasaray have been charged by Europe's governing body Uefa after their Champions League tie at Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday was twice stopped by firecrackers...

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  3. Luis Figo and 10 Other Shock Transfer Moves

    It's Luis Figo's birthday and that gives us the opportunity to celebrate the Portuguese magician's career—in this case, his controversial but fruitful transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid...

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  4. Anderlecht Name XI to Face Arsenal

    Anderlecht XI to play Arsenal : Proto, Vanden Borre, Mbemba, Deschacht, Acheampong, Kliejstan, Tielemans, Najar, Praet, Conté, Cyriac...

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