Sneijder Drills in Vicious Goal

By Mark Patterson (Photo: Uncredited/Associated Press)

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    Sneijder Scores 2 Golazos for Gala

    by Sean Swaby

    What a day Wesley Sneijder had for Galatasaray . Correction: what a half he had. The Dutchman scored not one but two absurd goals for the Turkish side in their Ziraat Turkish Cup match wi... Read More »

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    Sneijder's January Transfer Guide

    by Team Stream Now

    Wesley Sneijder is unsettled at Galatasaray . He's versatile in the midfield and could be the player to help a club on the cusp win a championship... Read More »

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    Most Shocking Transfer Moves

    by Christopher Atkins

    It's Luis Figo's birthday and that gives us the opportunity to celebrate the Portuguese magician's career—in this case, his controversial but fruitful transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid... Read More »

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    Defour Gets Custom Shin Pads

    by Mark Patterson

    Just because you can't see shin pads during a match doesn't mean you can't customise them, and Anderlecht's Steven Defour is set to wear some magnificent ones when his side face Arsenal in the Cham... Read More »

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    Gala Fans Amazing Souness Tifo

    by Sean Fay

    Galatasaray took on fierce rivals Fenerbahce on Saturday, and their fans used the occasion to remember one of the most iconic moments in the Istanbul derby's history... Read More »