1. Paralympian Josh Sundquist Transforms Himself into Foosball Player for Halloween

    Josh Sundquist is the king of Halloween. For the last several years, the Paralympic skier has rolled out a series of all-time great costumes...

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  2. Stockholm Regrets Pulling Bid for '22 Games

    LONDON -- A top Swedish Olympic official says Stockholm would not have dropped out of the race for the 2022 Winter Games if it knew about the changes in the bidding process taking place now...

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  3. Germany to Bid for 2024 Olympics

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  4. Microsoft Partners with Special Olympics

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  5. Opponents of Boston Olympics Bid Appeal to USOC

    BOSTON —Hosting an Olympics will be a $10 billion to $20 billion undertaking that will threaten the state's ability.....

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  6. Rousseff Re-Elected as Brazil President; Olympic Impact

    Dilma Rousseff was re-elected to a second term as Brazil's president on Sunday night, meaning she is in line to be the nation's head of state during the Rio 2016 Olympics...

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  7. Lochte Tips $400 at College Restaurant

    Last Friday Ryan Lochte finished his morning workout early and headed to Penn State to see the football game...

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  8. Ryan Lochte Surprises Employees by Leaving $400 Tip at Penn State Restaurant

    Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte made some fans at Penn State this weekend. The 30-year-old was in State College this past weekend. While there, he made his way over to a restaurant called Inferno Brick Oven and Bar...

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  9. 'Moody Pistorius Was Sure to Kill'

    It was bad luck Reeva Steenkamp met Oscar Pistorius, her mother has said, as the "volatile" athlete "would have killed someone sooner or later".....

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