1. Who Should Be Oklahoma City Thunder's Starting Shooting Guard Next Season?

    The Oklahoma City Thunder 's most important position battle next season will be at shooting guard, where Jeremy Lamb, Anthony Morrow and Reggie Jackson will compete for the chance to alongside Russell Westbrook ...

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  2. Mitch McGary: 'I Did Drugs. so What? I Learned from It'

    Oklahoma City Thunder forward Mitch McGary said the NCAA's marijuana suspension was "good for [him]," he told Vice Sports.....

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  3. Kevin Durant Shows You What's Inside His Fridge

    As a part of Sports Illustrated's Fridge Raider series, Thunder forward Kevin Durant opened up his refrigerator to show off what he keeps on chill.....

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  4. Thunder No. 2 in SI's Western Conference Power Rankings

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  5. Let's Hope Russell Westbrook Never, Ever Changes

    Russell Westbrook is the first and last of his kind, and I’m good with that. He is the best point guard in the league while being its most overrated. If that sounds confusing, it’s because it is...

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  6. Kevin Durant's Upcoming Free Agency Leaves Short Window for Thunder Title

    The Oklahoma City Thunder organization is built upon the idea of sustainable success. And in the past several years, it has come through with consistent title-contending years...

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  7. Is Kevin Durant Ready to Become the NBA's Signature Player?

    It might just be time to anoint Kevin Durant as he marches towards the paths of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. This isn ’t to suggest he just arrived...

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  8. VIDEO: Serge Ibaka's Big Block and Alley-Oop Dunk Against Argentina

    Serge Ibaka told Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling about a month ago that he was "not 100 percent yet," and that he was "only playing with really one leg when I returned" from a calf injury in the Western Conference finals...

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  9. Kevin Durant Reveals His Go-to Pump-Up Song for the Past 4 Years

    In a recent press conference, Kevin Durant described his absolute favorite song of all time, which sets his pre-game mentality. "It just makes me feel...right," he said with a starry look in his eyes...

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  10. Russell Westbrook's Health Is the Key to the Oklahoma City Thunder

    Over the last few years, the (lack of) health of Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has kept the Thunder from reaching the level they aspire to hit.....

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  11. Report: Thunder Trade Thabeet to 76ers

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  12. Is the Championship Window Closing on the Oklahoma City Thunder?

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  13. Is Kevin Durant's Shoe Deal Offer a Game Changer?

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  14. Kevin Durant Says He's Done Acting After 'Thunderstruck' Flop

    What’s the quickest way to shut down Kevin Durant ? Ask him about his acting game. The Oklahoma Thunder forward doesn't like talking about Thunderstruck— the 2012 ...

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  15. Who Will the Oklahoma City Thunder Start at Center?

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  16. Thunder Names Mark Daigneault Head Coach of D-League Team

    OKLAHOMA CITY, Aug. 22, 2014 – The Oklahoma City Thunder named Mark Daigneault as the head coach of its D-League team, it was announced today by Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti...

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  17. Have the Oklahoma City Thunder Fixed Their Spacing Issues?

    The Oklahoma City Thunder aren't exactly loaded with shooters. Even the addition of Anthony Morrow can't completely change that. But wasn't like the Thunder had no shooting last season, either...

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  18. Report: Extension Deal Unlikely for Jackson

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  19. Keeping Reggie Jackson Is a Priority, but It Won't Be Easy

    The Thunder supersub has finished three NBA seasons and thus is eligible for a contract extension this offseason.....

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  20. KD Reiterates That Rest Was His Reason for Withdrawing from Team USA

    Kevin Durant participated in USA Basketball's mini-camp in Las Vegas this summer, and was expected to not only compete in the FIBA World Cup, but also to be the leading scorer on a team loaded with offensive talent...

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  21. Clippers' Owner Guarantees Season-Opening Win Over 'Old Seattle Team'

    Steve Ballmer ushered in his ownership era with the Clippers in style on Monday afternoon, staging an offseason pep rally in Staples Center for his new fanbase.....

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  22. Kevin Durant: 'Honestly, I Think I Score Better Than Anybody'

    Even Kevin Durant 's self-serving compliments are noble. While at an event promoting NBA 2K15 , the Oklahoma City Thunder star talked about his individual scoring talents, ...

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  23. Report: Thunder Unlikely to Trade Perkins

    The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the best teams in the NBA but they rather consistently miss the NBA Finals or miss their chance at winning a title...

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  24. Predicting the Roles and Impact of Each OKC Thunder Newcomer This Season

    The Oklahoma City Thunder didn’t make any high-profile moves this offseason, but they are still the class of the Western Conference. None of the newcomers will single-handedly push the Thunder over the hump and into the Finals again...

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  25. Why Kevin Durant Would Be Foolish to Leave Oklahoma City Thunder

    With shorter contracts and greater movement in free agency shuffling personnel across NBA rosters, speculation about potential player moves is beginning earlier than ever...

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