1. Oakland Raiders on Their Way to Returning to Glory Days

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (at least that's what it feels like), the Oakland Raiders lived by several tremendous mantras. Pride and poise. Commitment to excellence...

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  2. Raiders Work out Vic Beasley in South Carolina

    The Raiders took linebacker Khalil Mack with the fifth pick in last year's draft and it looks like they got a cornerstone for their defense to build around in the coming years...

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  3. Should Raiders Be Players for Adrian Peterson?

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  4. Does Michael Crabtree Give Raiders Flexibility at No. 4 in 2015 NFL Draft?

    Until recently, most experts agreed that the Oakland Raiders would take either Amari Cooper or Kevin White with the fourth overall pick of the 2015 NFL draft...

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  5. Taking Stock of the Raiders Running Backs

    Latavius Murray leads a group of young running backs that has provided a renewed sense of hope for the Raiders ground attack in 2015.....

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  6. Okalnd Raiders Sebastian Janikowski Enjoying Special Anniversary

    Fifteen years ago this week, the Oakland Raiders stunned the NFL by making kicker Sebastian Janikowski the No. 17 overall draft pick.....

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  7. Assessing Whether Adrian Peterson Is a Fit for Oakland Raiders

    Now that running back Adrian Peterson has been reinstated after playing only the first game of last season before his arrest on child abuse charges, the next question is where will ...

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  8. Oakland Raiders Draft Countdown: Making the Case for Amari Cooper

    There’s one player who will likely be available for the Oakland Raiders at No. 4 overall in the 2015 NFL draft and should be selected without hesitation, and his name isn ’t Leonard Williams...

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  9. Thoughts on Mel Kiper's Grade a Oakland Raiders' Mock Draft

    With the start of the NFL draft exactly two weeks from today, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper is presenting his Grade A mock draft for the first three roundsInsider in an Insider piece...

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  10. Player Comparison: Amari Cooper vs. Kevin White

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  11. Potential Raiders First-Round Targets If They Trade Down

    There has been a lot of speculation that the Oakland Raiders could trade out of the No. 4 pick in an attempt to compile more picks...

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  12. Nine 2015 NFL Draft Picks Who Could Be Opening-Game Starters for Oakland Raiders

    With the 2015 NFL draft fast approaching, the Oakland Raiders are in the final stages of fine-tuning their big board. The team made several additions through free agency, but many of those were to add depth...

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  13. Would Oakland Raiders Really Draft a Quarterback?

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  14. Michael Crabtree Contract Incentives with Raiders Broken Down

    Monday night Michael Crabtree officially signed with the Raiders on a one-year deal. Here are all the contract details as broken down by Joel Corry of the National Football Post...

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  15. Oakland Raiders Looking at Safeties in NFL Draft - Oakland Raiders Blog - ESPN

    The Oakland Raiders have added one big-money safety in NFL free agency, and failed to land another player at the position. And they are not done looking...

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  16. Oakland Raiders will entertain offers for No. 4 pick - NFL Nation - ESPN

    ESPN Raiders reporter Bill Williamson says the team has a lot of needs so it would be willing to trade its first-round pick to get more overall.....

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  17. Thompson: Crabtree Good Catch for Raiders

    POSTED: 04/14/2015 06:15:18 PM PDT12 COMMENTS| UPDATED: ABOUT 12 HOURS AGO The Raiders ' acquisition of former 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree is a surprisingly good move...

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  18. Top 6 San Francisco 49ers to Wear Oakland Raiders Uniform

    (CBS SF) — Former San Francisco 49er wide receiver Michael Crabtree joins a lenghty list of former 49ers to cross the Bay the following season and play for the Oakland Raiders ...

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  19. Analyzing the Michael Crabtree Signing and Its Draft Impact

    Last night the Raiders made it official and signed former 49er Michael Crabtree to a one year, $3.2 million dollar contract.....

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  20. Insider Buzz: Raiders Still Eyeing WRs in NFL Draft Despite Signing Crabtree

    The Oakland Raiders have the fourth overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft. Does the Raiders' signing of Michael Crabtree , which they announced Monday, mean they will pass on a wide receiver at No...

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  21. What Does Raiders' Receiver Group Look Like Now with Michael Crabtree?

    The Oakland Raiders helped fill out their wide receiver group -- arguably their greatest area of need -- by signing former San Francisco standout Michael Crabtree to a one-year contract Monday evening...

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  22. Crabtree's OAK Deal Reportedly $3M over 1 Year

    Raiders are giving former 49er WR Michael Crabtree a 1-year, $3 million deal, with another $2 million in incentives, per source. .....

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  23. Michael Crabtree Signing a Low-Risk, High-Reward Move by Raiders

    With the NFL draft only a few weeks away and free agency over a month old, the pickings have gotten a little slim as far as available veterans are concerned...

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  24. Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for the Oakland Raiders' Top 3 Picks

    A ton of buzz surrounds the Oakland Raiders No. 4 overall pick, especially with the possibility of trading out of the spot...

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  25. What Michael Crabtree Addition Means for Raiders

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