1. Oakland Raiders' Top Free-Agency Targets at Wide Receiver

    The Oakland Raiders are heading into yet another off-season with more questions than answers. After a 3-13 season, the team is in the process of completely rebuilding its coaching staff...

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  2. Todd Grantham's Decision a Bad Sign for Raiders

    There are a lot worse things than being turned down by a college coach, but from the outside Todd Grantham's decision to stay in Louisville isn't encouraging sign for Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio...

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  3. MJD and Del Rio Come Full Circle

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  4. Ending AFC West Drought: Raiders

    The AFC West's current 16-year run without a Super Bowl win is longest of the eight divisions. Which AFC West team will be next to seize the Lombardi Trophy? Today, we look at the only ...

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  5. Oakland Raiders Cheerleader Sues Team over Broken Media Promises

    The Oakland Raiders have attempted to reach a settlement with the cheerleaders who filed a lawsuit against the franchise for identifying them as independent contractors rather than as full-time employees and paying them low wages under that distinction.

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  6. Julius Thomas, Oakland Raiders Rumors Grow

    Julius Thomas of the Denver Broncos has officially became the first high profile free agent of the 2015 class to become attached to the Oakland Raiders as the tight end is expected ...

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  7. Woodson Excited to 'Keep Doing What I Love'

    Charles Woodson signed a one-year contract with the Raiders on Monday afternoon that sets him up for his 18th NFL season.....

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  8. Maurice Jones-Drew: Jack Del Rio Great Fit for Raider Nation & Franchise QB Carr

    The Oakland Raiders have hired Jack Del Rio to be their new head coach. How will Del Rio impact the Raiders? Have the Raiders found their franchise quarterback in Derek Carr? ...

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  9. Raiders Must Resist Temptation of Josh Gordon

    ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The Raiders are desperately seeking a big-play wide receiver to complement quarterback Derek Carr, and one of the names being linked to Oakland is troubled Cleveland wideout Josh Gordon...

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  10. Improving Personnel Critical for Oakland Raiders to Run No-Huddle Offense

    The Oakland Raiders are either incompetent or ingenious. New head coach Jack Del Rio and his handpicked offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave weren ’t hot coaching candidates ...

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  11. Raiders Hire Bobby Johnson, Tracy Smith, Rob Moore and Bernie Parmalee

    The Raiders announced the addition of tight ends coach Bobby Johnson and assistant special teams coach Tracy Smith Tuesday in addition to confirming the hires of running backs coach Bernie Parmalee and wide receivers coach Rob Moore...

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  12. Raiders Announce Hiring of TE Coach Johnson, Three Others

    The Raiders coaching staff is starting to fill out. The team announced the hiring of four more assistant coaches on Tuesday morning, bringing the total to 10 people working below head coach Jack Del Rio...

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  13. Charles Woodson Still Durable at Age 38

    ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The Raiders got an early jump on free agency Monday, signing veteran safety Charles Woodson to a contract extension.....

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  14. Oakland Raiders Players Set for Big 2015 Seasons

    ESPN and Pro Football Focus did a rating of the 28 teams that didn't make their Conference Championship Games this year.....

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  15. Charles Woodson, Raiders Agree to New Contract: Latest Details and Reaction

    Charles Woodson has proved that he can still play at a high level in the NFL even in his late 30s. It therefore comes as little surprise that the Oakland Raiders have decided to re-sign the seven-time All-Pro...

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  16. FS Charles Woodson Re-Signs with Raiders

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  17. Reece Mic'd Up at Pro Bowl Practice

    FB Marcel Reece is mic'd up by Silver and Black Productions at Team Irvin's Pro Bowl practice, giving you full coverage of all of the action in Arizona ...

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  18. Bobby Johnson Hired as Raiders Tight Ends Coach

    The latest hire to Jack Del Rio's staff is now former Lions Assistant Offensive Line coach, Bobby Johnson. He will be the Raiders Tight Ends coach as first reported by Sports Illustrated's Thayer Evans...

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  19. Report: Browns Tried to Trade Up, Draft Robert Gallery in 2004

    It's been a decade of despair for the Raiders . The combination of bad drafts, questionable coaching, “out of whack” contracts, and reckless cap management have all contributed...

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  20. Raiders continue filling out coachingstaff

    The Raiders have continued putting together head coach Jack Del Rio's first Oakland staff by adding a pair of former NFL players...

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  21. Why the Raiders Should Hire Mike Smith as a Defensive Coordinator

    Initially, it was good news to hear about the Oakland Raiders ' interest in interviewing former Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith for the defensive coordinator position, per Ian Rapoport of NFL ...

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  22. Tim Brown Hopes His HOF Wait Is Ending

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  23. Predicting the Oakland Raiders' Identity Under Jack Del Rio

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  24. Raiders Short On Candidates For Defensive Coordinator?

    The Raiders search for a defensive coordinator continues. Reports have indicated that Mike Smith is Jack Del Rio's top choice, but Dianna Russini of NBC-4 (Washington D.C.) says it's unlikely to happen...

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  25. Todd Downing to Be Raiders QB Coach

    Each day, we hear of another member of the Raiders offensive coaching staff coming together. With offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave and offensive line coach Mike Tice in place, the next up was Quarterbacks coach...

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