1. Five Things for A's Fans Wish List

    There's been a whole lot for A's fans to absorb in the past few months, from a heartbreaking loss in the Wild Card game to trade after trade after trade of All-Star players...

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  2. A Fan's Christmas Wish List for Athletics in 2015

    Dear Santa, I don't want too much for Christmas. There are just a few things I would love to see. I don't even care about the presents underneath my Christmas tree. I just want you to do a few things for the Oakland Athletics ...

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  3. A's Prospect Scouting Reports: Joe Wendle, Rangel Ravelo, and Chris Bassitt

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  4. Billy Beane Gets It Right with Samardzija and Norris Trades

    Billy Beane has made a lot of big trades over the last calendar year, and some of them have gone over better than others...

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  5. 3 Potential Landing Spots: Asdrubal Cabrera

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  6. A's Release Punto; 1B/OF Peterson Claimed by Cubs

    The Oakland A's announced Friday that outfielder Shane Peterson has been claimed off waivers by the Chicago Cubs . In addition, infielder Nick Punto was released to clear a spot on the 40-man roster following the trade Thursday with San Diego ...

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  7. How Much Money Is Billy Beane Saving?

    A lot has been said about Billy Beane and his seemingly mad scientist approach to this off season. Has Lew Wolff demanded he cut the payroll? Is he hoping to lose so he can keep nursing ...

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  8. A's trade Norris for 2 pitchers

    Oakland 's winter of trading away All-Stars knows no end — catcher Derek Norris has become the latest to depart.....

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  9. Billy Beane Continues to Sell High on A's 2014 All-Stars with Derek Norris Deal

    And so the Oakland Athletics tear-down continues. General manager Billy Beane made yet another trade Thursday evening, sending All-Star catcher Derek Norris to California neighbors, ...

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  10. Exec Lauds Norris Deal for A's: 'Got Legit Arms'

    Big-league exec tells me he likes the Norris trade for # Athletics . "Sold high, got two legit arms in return...

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  11. Craig Gentry Needs to Play Center Field Every Day

    Coco Crisp is a fantastic player. He's basically the one player the A's have remained loyal to over the years, the one player that they think is too valuable to give up. They gave him an extension, which is crazypants for the A's...

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  12. Report: A's Made Early 'Competitive Bid' for Headley

    Free agent third baseman Chase Headley reportedly agreed to a four-year deal to return to the Yankees on Monday.....

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  13. Reassessing Oakland A's Offseason Plan and Breaking Down What's Next

    The Oakland A's went into the winter meetings looking like they might contend again in 2015. They came out of the meetings three All-Stars lighter...

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  14. Why You Should Be Excited About Marcus Semien

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  15. What's the Oakland Athletics Outfield Plan in 2015?

    As the roster currently stands, the Oakland Athletics have a plethora of outfielders at their disposal heading into 2015. The two players we know (right now) have starting spots are Coco Crisp and Josh Reddick, manning center and right...

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  16. Q&A: David Forst, Assistant General Manager, Oakland Athletics

    David Forst was appointed to his current position in February of 2004 after serving as an assistant to the general manager and coordinator of professional scouting for the Oakland Athletics ...

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  17. Could the A's Be a Fernandez Away from Another "Contending Rebuild"?

    Trade a few All-Stars, sign a Cuban, take the AL West by surprise, make the post-season every year. It's a formula that worked in 2012 when Oakland swapped out three All-Stars (Andrew ...

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  18. Athletics Acquire Mark Canha from Rockies for Austin House and Cash

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  19. Grading the Oakland Athletics' Offseason Post-Winter Meetings

    The Oakland Athletics have had an interesting offseason to say the least—one extremely difficult to grade...

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  20. Stephen Drew Drawing Broad Interest

    Though he is coming off of a disappointing season, infielder Stephen Drew is drawing fairly broad-based interest around the game, Jon Heyman of CBSSports reports on Twitter...

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  21. Long Story Short, Semien Has Fan in Beane

    SAN DIEGO – Marcus Semien's major league track record is modest, but A's general manager Billy Beane didn't hide what he thinks his new shortstop is capable of...

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  22. Oakland A's Might Still Deal John Jaso

    SAN DIEGO -- It's possible the A's will cool their heels at the winter meetings for the rest of the week, but it's not a solid bet.....

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  23. After Makeover, Melvin Believes A's Will Contend

    SAN DIEGO -- One of the most active teams this offseason has been Billy Beane's Oakland Athletics . I don't think we could go far enough to say that he's gutted his roster, but it's been quite the makeover...

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  24. Oakland A's GM Billy Beane Is Working as a Competent Executive, Not a Villain

    This has to stop. Hearts are broken, and that is certainly understandable. But the screaming has to stop. Now. Billy Beane is not a villain. He is not a moron...

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  25. Chris Bassitt and Rangel Ravelo to Athletics: Trade Details, Scouting Report

    A busy day in baseball saw another trade go down on Tuesday, as the Oakland Athletics shipped starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija to the Chicago White Sox for a number of prospects, including Chris Bassitt and Rangel Ravelo...

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