1. TWO MORE! Reimold drives in two more runs and now it's 5-0 #Orioles!

  2. #Orioles tack on two more runs with Hardy's RBI single and Reimold's 2-run double. Birds up 5-0 in the 7th. #Birdland

  3. Adam Jones not in lineup again. Reimold in CF.

  4. #orioles lineup: reimold 8 parra 7 machado 5 davis DH schoop 4 pearce 3 hardy 6 flaherty 9 joseph 2. Wilson RHP

  5. Os lineup vs Jays: Reimold 8, Parra 7, Machado 5, Davis DH, Schoop 4, Pearce 3, Hardy 6, Flaherty 9, Joseph 2. Wilson 1.

  6. #Orioles 10/1 vs. #BlueJays: Reimold 8, Parra 7, Machado 5, Davis DH, Schoop 4, Pearce 3, Hardy 6, Flaherty 9, Joseph 2. #MLB

  7. #Orioles B2: Reimold K-L; Parra 3-1; Machado BB, to 2nd on WP; Davis BB; Machado scores, Davis to 2nd on Janish RBI-1B; #MLB #BlueJays

  8. RBI single for Reimold with 2 outs in 5th. #orioles lead 5-1

  9. Two-out bloop single to RF by Reimold scores Pearce. #Orioles lead 5-1 in the 5th.

  10. Nolan Reimold RBI single pushes #Orioles lead over #BlueJays to 5-1 B5

  11. Reimold's RBI single scores Pearce and the Birds lead the Jays 5-1 in the fifth!

  12. Reimold's two-out RBI single scores Pearce. #Orioles now lead 5-1 as we head to the 6th. #Birdland

  13. #Orioles B5 (cont) Pearce scores, Flaherty to 3rd on Reimold RBI-1B; Parra F7. 5-1 BAL to T6. Colabello-Hague-Thole due for #BlueJays. #MLB

  14. #orioles lineup: reimold 8 parra 9 machado 5 davis 3 wieters 2 pearce 7 clevenger DH hardy 6 flaherty 4. Chen LHP

  15. Three up, three down for Chen. Reimold, Parra, and Machado due up for the Birds.

  16. Leadoff INF hit for Reimold followed by Parra single into RF. Runners on corners with 0 outs in 1st #orioles #yankees

  17. Reimold scores on Machado DP. #orioles lead 1-0

  18. ON THE BOARD! Machado drives in Reimold to give the #Orioles a 1-0 lead in the first against the Yankees.

  19. Reimold and Parra both single. Reimold scores on Machado DP. #Orioles take a 1-0 lead in the 1st. #Birdland

  20. Reimold drilled in back by Nova pitch #orioles

  21. Reimold moved to 3rd on Parra double and scored on Machado grounder. #orioles lead 2-0 in 3rd

  22. Reimold hit by pitch, Parra doubles. Machado's ground out scores Reimold. 2-0 Orioles. #Birdland

  23. ANOTHER RUN! Reimold scores again and keeps the #Orioles ahead of the Yankees with a 2-0 lead in the third.

  24. 6 scoreless for Chen. Reimold runs down long drive by Headley in left-center to end inning #orioles

  25. Batting leadoff again today, Reimold has reached base 3 times. 2 singles and HBP #orioles

  26. Parra's two out RBI single scores Reimold. #Orioles now up 4-0 in the 6th. #Birdland

  27. KEEP 'EM COMING! Reimold scores for the third time today to make it 5-0.

  28. Reimold walks in 7th to load bases. Has reached 4 times today #orioles

  29. And call reversed. Pretty obvious one there. Reimold goes back to third.

  30. Top 4 in O's order - Reimold, Parra, Machado and Davis - are a combined 10-for-17 with 6 runs and 7 RBIs.

  31. Os lineup for Game 2: Reimold 8, Parra 9, Machado 5, Davis 3, Pearce 7, Clevenger DH, Joseph 2, Flaherty 4, Janish 6. Jimenez 1.

  32. Leadoff HR for Nolan Reimold, who reached base 4 times in Game 1. #orioles lead 1-0

  33. Reimold, leadoff HR and O's lead 1-0 in 1st.

  34. Reimold with a leadoff homer in the bottom of the first, his 6th of the season. #Orioles are up 1-0.

  35. Wave it bye-bye! Nolan Reimold with a leadoff homer to LCF. #Birdland

  36. Reimold's 1st career leadoff HR. 6th for #orioles this season

  37. First career leadoff HR for Reimold, sixth for the #Orioles this season.

  38. Nolan Reimold hits the 2nd pitch he sees over the LF wall. His sixth. 1-0 O s B1. Reimold's first career leadoff homer. Os 6th this season.

  39. LEADOFF HOMER! Reimold's 50th career home run gives the #Orioles a 1-0 lead in the first! http://t.co/eYQknbwHmK