1. Nolan Carroll: 1st career interception return for a TD

  2. VIDEO: Eli Manning throws UGLY pick-6 directly into the hands of Nolan Carroll. https://t.co/92ZS1dp8nY https://t.co/np9Hje7EBP

  3. Nolan Carroll up, Sam Bradford down as Eagles beat Giants https://t.co/a8cW1wIYAz

  4. Nolan Carroll was one of the stars Monday, but learn why he's a hero to his high school: https://t.co/Ldckyojxoi https://t.co/AkIGbCCK6X

  5. Nolan Carroll's long trip back into the end zone. @bobfordsports chronicles the #Eagles CB's journey: https://t.co/sWdocDTEyJ

  6. Bucs' Doug Martin, getting caught & pushed out at 1 by Eagles' Nolan Carroll on 84-yard run: "In my defense, I think the corner ran a 4.2."

  7. Nolan Carroll with the pass breakup. The 10 remaining fans here give an sarcastic cheer.

  8. Nolan Carroll looks like a dude who couldn't beat out Bradley Fletcher for a spot.

  9. #Bucs Doug Martin just ABUSES #Eagles Nolan Carroll #TBvsPHI https://t.co/ssfEgu0TI5

  10. Doug Martin put a nice stiff-arm on Nolan Carroll to pick up all those extra yards.

  11. Jameis Winston hits Vincent Jackson on slant for TD. Looked like Nolan Carroll was playing a little too soft. Bucs 14, #Eagles 7.

  12. Great catch by Mike Evans. Not much Nolan Carroll could do there. #Eagles

  13. Nolan Carroll came from way back in the pack to save TD there.

  14. Terrific play by Nolan Carroll against his former team. Dolphins to punt.

  15. Nolan Carroll breaks up a critical third down pass to Kenny Stills. I'm feeling that's so Dolphins coming.

  16. Captain controversy: No Nolan Carroll as a captain, even though he used to play for Miami. Sturgis, however, is a captain. #Eagles

  17. Amazes me how many Dolphins have spent the past 2 years crying about losing Nolan Carroll & wishing Miami traded for Sean Smith. Hilarious

  18. Nolan Carroll gets a hand in there at the last second to break the pass up. Nice recovery. #Eagles take over after the punt.

  19. Nolan Carroll doing Bradley Fletcher imitation ... #Eagles

  20. Not a great start for Nolan Carroll.

  21. Dez Bryant runs right up the field and by single coverage of Eagles CB Nolan Carroll for a 51-yard catch and run to get inside red zone.

  22. Dez Bryant looks healthier than he did last week. Can't go man-on-man with Nolan Carroll for much longer. Will need help. #Eagles

  23. How much will it cost the Eagles to keep Walter Thurmond, Nolan Carroll? https://t.co/8ag1DtT6XC via @njdotcom

  24. #Eagles Mychal Kendricks was credited with 7 tackles after missing 3 of the previous 4 games with injury. Nolan Carroll led team with 9.

  25. Nolan Carroll up, Jordan Matthews down in Eagles' loss https://t.co/VakQTonYwQ

  26. Nolan Carroll made that tackle attempt almost entirely with his head and neck.

  27. Now Nolan Carroll is hurt over on the Panthers sideline.

  28. Nolan Carroll is hurt on the play. Jogging off the field. E.J. Biggers coming in.

  29. Nolan Carroll takes ball from Ted Ginn Jr. for nasty Eagles INT https://t.co/5MnhX6ZosM https://t.co/ICAqUw8xdZ

  30. Like DeMeco Ryans' INT last week, #Eagles defense comes up with big turnover on 2d series. Nolan Carroll INT.

  31. That is the 13th straight game with a takeaway for #Eagles defense. Heckuva play by Nolan Carroll. Second straight game with INT

  32. Give Nolan Carroll what could be a game-saving interception at the six-yard of the #Eagles.

  33. If it stands up -- and I'm of the belief it won't -- Nolan Carroll will have INTs in consecutive games for the first time in his career.

  34. Play stands! Nolan Carroll with his second pick in as many weeks.

  35. ...Eagles get the ball right back. Nolan Carroll strips Ted Ginn, catches it. Ruling is interception. Play is reviewed.

  36. And the #Eagles get it back. Interception by Nolan Carroll is the call on the field. Under review.

  37. For #Eagles CB Nolan Carroll, everything is clicking. https://t.co/0ctAOzEve7