1. Big Vooch and I before tomorrow's game!! #MagicInSerbia @NikolaVucevic http://t.co/biinr16UMC

  2. Watch: a Falling Vucevic Finds Gordon for the Layup

  3. Magic's Vucevic Hits Fadeaway at Buzzer to Beat Lakers

  4. Magic Lose to Rockets in OT as Vucevic Suffers Knee Injury

  5. Predicting Magic's Rotation Ahead of Training Camp

  6. Very aggressive Vucevic drive and hammer past Gortat. https://t.co/lRHJxsNrfP

  7. Just like against Utah last night, Fournier and Vucevic driving the Magic offense early. Combined 14 points.

  8. Vucevic already has 10 points just 9 minutes into this game. That's how many points he had against the Wizards on Opening Night.

  9. End of the 1st Q: Wizards 29, Magic 27. Washington: 5 of 10 from 3-pt. range. Wizards: 50% on FGAs. Vucevic: 10 points.

  10. Payton lost the ball. Vucevic lost the ball. Somehow Aaron Gordon finished with an and-1 layup. However you have to do it. #Magic

  11. Halftime: Magic 56, Wizards 50. Vucevic: 14 points, 9 rebounds. Fournier: 10 pts. Wall: 3 pts., 5 assists.

  12. At the half in DC, the @OrlandoMagic lead @WashWizards 56-50 on Vucevic's 14p & 9r. Temple with 9 on #NBALeaguePass https://t.co/jLwqBiqNGm

  13. Third double-double of the season for Nikola Vucevic.

  14. Way too much force feeding Vucevic. Need way more ball movement.

  15. End of the 3rd Q: Wizards 79, Magic 76. Temple: 16 points. Humphries: 14 points. Vucevic: 18 points, 11 rebounds.

  16. Heading to 4th, @WashWizards lead @OrlandoMagic 79-76 on Temple's 16. Vucevic w/ 18/11 on #NBALeaguePass. #ORLatWAS https://t.co/pKn3et5prS

  17. Force feeding Vucevic still isn't working.

  18. Explanation (1/2): #ORLatWAS 55.8/Q4 (Game Crew): Wall was ahead of Vucevic with an open court ahead of him when foul occurred...

  19. The @WashWizards defeat the @OrlandoMagic 108-99 on Humphries' 23 (5/8 3FG), Wall's 15p & 11a. Vucevic with 19/13. https://t.co/TjkLNtnB3W

  20. Blocks (Vucevic and Dedmon) rebounding (Harris and Vucevic) and minutes played (Fournier and Oladipo). https://t.co/2m43ewdDJQ

  21. Magic starters: Payton, Oladipo, Fournier, Harris and Vucevic.

  22. Vucevic having a friendly chat with Nemanja Bjelica. Montenegro meets Serbia.

  23. Vucevic off to a rough 2-of-9 start. Nik's shot wasn't looking good in pregame.

  24. Vucevic looks like he came here to take shots and not much else tonight.

  25. Halftime: Timberwolves 52, Magic 38. Towns: 13 pts, 7 rebs. Wiggins: 10 pts. Magic: shooting 32.1%. Vucevic: 8 pts, 7 rebs.

  26. Dedmon and Frye will start the second half for the Magic. No Vucevic or Oladipo.

  27. Orlando benched Oladipo and Vucevic to start the second half. Opting for Dedmon and Frye instead.

  28. Magic coach Scott Skiles starts C Dewyane Dedmon and F Channing Frye for 2nd half vs. Minn, sitting Nik Vucevic and Victor Oladipo. Wow.

  29. Jason Smith checking in for Dewayne Dedmon after his fourth foul. Not Nikola Vucevic. #Magic

  30. Andrew Nicholson about to check in for Channing Frye. Not Nikola Vucevic. #Magic

  31. May not be a better picture tonight, Nikola Vucevic and Victor Oladipo are sitting at the end of the bench. #Magic

  32. To his credit, Nikola Vucevic has been really good on the bench this quarter. First guy to dap his teammates, up on his feet cheering, etc.

  33. The first player up off the Magic's bench to applaud any positive play this half has been Nik Vucevic.

  34. Benching Vucevic? Andrew Nicholson providing a key spark? The crowd loud? This is as unpredictable a Magic game as I can remember.

  35. Correct. Vucevic has not played in the second half. https://t.co/XonukHsprf

  36. Been in-and-out. Where's Vucevic? Too bad KG couldn't give them something. No way w/ him does Orl. have all these 2nd chance pts. #twolves

  37. "Just didn't think he played very well."- Skiles on why he chose to bench Vucevic in the second half.

  38. Scott Skiles was asked why he benched Nikola Vucevic in second half: "I just didn't think he played very well."

  39. Scott Skiles added that Nik Vucevic looked "low-energy" and that's a reason he got pulled in the second half.

  40. A day after benching Nik Vucevic in 2nd half, @OrlandoMagic coach Skiles talked about what he expects of players. https://t.co/FBrB7BKcv4

  41. Nik Vucevic says he remains confident despite Wednesday's halftime benching: https://t.co/1YUspMkQNc.