1. Oakland Athletics: The 1 Hole the A's Must Address at Trade Deadline

    With the trade deadline just over two weeks away, it may be easy to assume that the A’s will now stay quiet following the Jeff Samardzija trade and not make any more splashy moves...

    Jacob Garcia Written by Jacob Garcia about 4 months ago 1,406 reads 4 comments

  2. 5 Realistic Moves the New York Mets Should Have Made This Offseason

    Playing armchair general manager is often met with skepticism. In an ideal world, the New York Mets would have outbid the Seattle Mariners for Robinson Cano’s services, subsequently ...

    Ben Berkon Written by Ben Berkon about 9 months ago 8,462 reads 38 comments

  3. Los Angeles Dodgers: Early Winners and Losers from Offseason Shakeups

    Early in the offseason, the Los Angeles Dodgers have already been involved in several moves. With the departures of Skip Schumaker and Nick Punto and the arrival of Dan Haren , we already know that several members of the 2014 roster will be new faces.

    Seth Victor Written by Seth Victor about 12 months ago 7,650 reads 3 comments