1. Jets C Nick Mangold is getting X-rays on his neck. He was injured late in Sunday's loss to the Patriots.

  2. Jets' Nick Mangold leaves game with apparent head injury http://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/863579 (via http://thesco.re/theScore_app )

  3. Mangold carted to the locker room.

  4. Happy 33rd Birthday to the 2nd best beard on the @nyjets - Ryan Fitzpatrick ( don't worry @nickmangold ) #nyj https://t.co/FmppKhS5DD

  5. Nice block by Mangold on the screen pass to Ivory.

  6. Mangold (hand) is questionable to return #nyj

  7. Mangold's hand just showed up on the injury report this week for the first time. Must have aggravated it. Was never a question he'd play.

  8. I don't see Mangold on the sideline. #nyj

  9. Mangold just ran out from the locker room #nyj

  10. Big wrap on Mangold's right hand.

  11. Revis has a concussion. Mangold has cuts on his hand that prevented him from snapping #nyj

  12. Mangold has severe lacerations on hand but no broken bones, per Bowles.

  13. Mangold has lacerations between two fingers, which preventer him from snapping, Bowles said #jets

  14. Bowles: Revis will need to go through concussion protocol. Mangold suffered a laceration between 4th and 5th fingers on snapping hand.

  15. Mangold said he doesn't know how he got a deep gash between his fingers. Went to sideline, "saw some blood" + got stitches #jets

  16. Mangold said hand laceration was unrelated to previous hand injury. He hopes to play next week #jets

  17. Revis Has a Concussion; Mangold Has Lacerated Fingers https://t.co/QoHQYkTMGz https://t.co/fHfcPH6ju1

  18. Revis (concussion), Mangold (hand) | Jets injures after loss to Houston Texans. Unclear if they'll play next week. https://t.co/weUv4pmqZU

  19. Q&A: Rookie WR woes...Revis gets burned, concussed...Mangold leaves... #Jets bullied by Watt https://t.co/C3kS8k22E5 https://t.co/Zxjr4Dcfza

  20. Mangold has 6-7 stitches in his hand. Have to see what his pain level is this week. #nyj

  21. Mangold had MRI; it was negative, per Bowles. Got about 7, 8 stitches in right hand. Will be pain tolerance issue. #nyj

  22. Mangold's MRI came back negative... #Jets center needed 6-7 stitches in his hand

  23. Mangold had an MRI on his hand and it came back negative, Bowles said.

  24. Bowles: Revis (head) “wasn’t feeling any better today."...Mangold (hand) will depend upon pain threshold...“Hopeful” Sheldon (hammy) can go.

  25. Nick Mangold's pain threshold to be tested; Revis status murkier #nyj: https://t.co/ZzGVVSu8xV via @nypost

  26. The Jets aren't sure if Darrelle Revis or Nick Mangold will be able to play Sunday vs. Miami: https://t.co/SEQwORN4JM

  27. Concussion could keep Darrelle Revis out Sun...Mangold (hand) to test pain tolerance | https://t.co/6GyEMUgltg #jets https://t.co/VsAUCOk26L

  28. Darrelle Revis, Mangold May Miss Dolphins Game #nyj #nfl https://t.co/wSEAL3Hy03 https://t.co/eZywujZJyO

  29. Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold injuries: Jets' Todd Bowles not sure if they'll play vs. Miami Dolphins. https://t.co/uw2mw3n1tr

  30. Bowles: Darrelle Revis wasn't feeling better today. He is in concussion protocol. Mangold had to get stitches in his hand.

  31. Nick Mangold had an MRI on his hand and it came back negative. He just has a cut, but it's a deep cut that required six to seven stitches.

  32. Jets injury update: Darrelle Revis has a concussion, Nick Mangold to have MRI on right hand. #nyj https://t.co/pDiZmZtbw7

  33. Jets C Nick Mangold suffered a deep gash on the back of his right hand. Will have MRI tomorrow see if there's any ligament damage.

  34. Darrelle Revis has a concussion, Nick Mangold has severe cuts on hand https://t.co/wjh3lEiets

  35. Darrelle Revis has a concussion, said Todd Bowles. Nick Mangold has no broken bones, but severe lacerations between fingers.

  36. C Nick Mangold returned from the locker room. Has a heavy wrap on his right hand. #nyj

  37. From @domcosentino: Nick Mangold leaves Jets-Houston Texans game with hand injury. https://t.co/LPEi955iMg

  38. Jets C Nick Mangold remains out with a hand injury. His return was supposed to be questionable.

  39. Still no sign of C Nick Mangold on the Jets' bench. Probably getting an x-ray on his hand. #nyj

  40. Don't see Nick Mangold down on the sideline. Might have gone back to locker room area to have his hand examined/treated.

  41. Wesley Johnson remains in the game for the second straight drive, as a replacement for Nick Mangold (hand).