1. We'll check on Fairley and Brockers as well.

  2. Unsure on DTs Nick Fairley and Michael Brockers. Limited or didn't practice on Thursday.

  3. Brockers did warm up for Rams. Didn't see Fairley.

  4. . . .Dunbar (shoulder soreness), Worthington, McGee (foot), Fairley (collarbone area soreness), Bates (knee).

  5. Rams not playing tonight: T. Johnson, Mason, Cunningham, Gurley, B. McGee, Bates, Dunbar, Donnal, Saffold, Brockers, Quinn, Fairley.

  6. On the “will not play” list: T Johnson, T Mason, T Gurley, B McGee, B Cunningham, Bates, Dunbar, Donnal, Saffold, Brockers, Quinn, Fairley

  7. Team also says Rodger Saffold, Michael Brockers, Robert Quinn, and Nick Fairley not playing.

  8. DT Nick Fairley, who has missed some time recently with a collarbone-are issue, was taking part in individual drills.

  9. Hey now, don’t forget about Sims, Hayes, Westbrooks, and Fairley. Line play was strong all over today. https://t.co/WPChFZJit2

  10. S Mark Barron played 22 snaps. Of defensive regulars, Akeem Ayers played fewest snaps with 9. Nick Fairley on field for 22 plays.

  11. Coverage sack. Well done. Fairley in on it.

  12. DT @Nick_Fairley251 has officially entered #SackCity!

  13. From earlier, official scorers switched first sack to split between Donald and Long. Long and Fairley split another, giving Long 1 today.

  14. Sixth. And Nick Fairley is 12. (Top-ranked Lions DT is Haloti Ngata at 33.) https://t.co/62NRSmIFKB

  15. There's the first offsides today on Rams. Fairley the guilty party. Rams at least ran through to get play blown dead before Rodgers' shot.

  16. Rodgers got Fairley to jump, moving 3rd-and-11 to 3rd-and-6. But play whistled dead, no deep throw.

  17. My bad. Nick Fairley https://t.co/vOmHtaIJOz

  18. Nick Fairley almost had a “look what I found” interception. Probably so surprised, couldn’t keep his hands on it.

  19. Rams should have had third INT. Rodgers throws it right to Fairley, who can't bring it in.You know what they say, they play DT for a reason?

  20. From earlier: DT Nick Fairley still finding his fit with #Rams... http://t.co/OZ4VRjuJ6n

  21. #FUMBLE!!! Big @Nick_Fairley251 with the recovery! #WarDamnRams

  22. Y'all--where do you think @Nick_Fairley251 was going on this fumble recovery? Best response gets a s/o. https://t.co/UqJCbtsw4L

  23. Rams light on D-linemen at Weds. practice. DE Long (knee), DE Hayes (thigh), DE Quinn (knee), and DT Fairley (illness) do not practice.

  24. #Rams Shake of the Day with @Nick_Fairley251 and @Drhaney_65 Fueling Rams: https://t.co/KUDnZfCpMw https://t.co/DBjHbduiEH

  25. #AskARam with @Nick_Fairley251 WATCH: https://t.co/cd7OStMq60 https://t.co/i5bAClYLI5

  26. After tripping penalty, Flacco pass is incomplete bringing up a punt. Fairley QB hit on play. Welker returns punt to STL 15. 56-yard punt.

  27. Playing a season-high 40 plays DT Nick Fairley, had season high 9 tackles _ 1 tackle for loss _ and had 4 QB hits.

  28. Terrific job singing the National Anthem here at Hornets game on Veterans Day by Staff Sgt Chris Fairley. Hornets vs. Knicks coming up.

  29. Eric Ebron hasn't worked out. Letting Suh and Fairley leave hasn't worked out. Trading for Ngata hasn't worked out. Not much has in Detroit

  30. Rams notebook: DT Fairley getting more comfortable, productive: https://t.co/lQQMGN1OmL via @STLtoday

  31. Nick Fairley just pushed the LG into the hole where SF’s run play was supposed to go, creating a TFL for Hayes.

  32. Kaepernick pressured by Donald, Fairley and the throw is high and incomplete. Nice job by the defense to get the 3-and-out.

  33. Rams' Fairley, Jags' Branch fined $17K for QB hits https://t.co/WoEvTpfgQz

  34. Rams DT Nick Fairley fined $17,363 for roughing the passer penalty against Cleveland QB Josh McCown in 4th quarter last week.

  35. #Rams DT Nick Fairley fined $17,363 for a 4th quarter roughing call on #Browns Josh McCown. S Mark Barron not fined for helmet to chin hit

  36. #Rams DT Nick Fairley was fined $17,363 for roughing the passer in 4Q vs #Browns

  37. #Rams' Nick Fairley was fined $17,363 for roughing #Browns QB Josh McCown.

  38. DE Chris Long (knee) has been ruled out for Sunday against San Francisco. DT Fairley, LB Laurinaitis, TE Kendricks are all probable.