1. Nick Collison and Enes Kanter paid a special visit to @specialcareokc yesterday, delivering lots of smiles. http://t.co/VVlbTHunYW

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  3. Collison & Adams' Pre-Game Handshake Made It to 'NBA 2K16'

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  6. Sam Presti: "I went to Seattle this offseason to visit Nick Collison and Steven Adams was there working out with him." #BroTrip

  7. Nick Collison on day 1. "...a lot of energy. It was fun. We've got a lot of work to do but it was a good start." http://t.co/wMhN7iVw20

  8. Thunder Unveil New 'Sunset-Colored' Alternate Jerseys

  9. Nick Collison asked about Steven Adams' hair: "Uh...it's what he's got right now. It'll be something different in a couple weeks probably."

  10. Live from @USCellular Thunder Training Camp! LiveStream chat w/Nick Collison & Steven Adams. Tomorrow after practice, approx 1:30p CT.

  11. Nick Collison on radio w/BDavis after win: "felt good for 1st night out...able to be more consistent, especially in 2nd half on defense."

  12. 3 p.m. CT today: Set a reminder & watch live chat with Steven Adams and Nick Collison through http://t.co/51R49wA0gM or Thunder Mobile App.

  13. Almost ready! Steven Adams and Nick Collison will join us in a few minutes for a live chat on http://t.co/51R49wA0gM & Thunder Mobile App.

  14. No Nick Collison tonight. Rest. No Kyle Singler. Bumped knees last game.

  15. Nick Collison's annual Halloween party includes Mitch McGary as a member of Average Joe's from Dodgeball https://t.co/q6lrYMC39t

  16. Happy birthday today to Nick Collison! https://t.co/17UhOZ0tEF

  17. Nick Collison before Mitch McGary off the bench.

  18. Nick Collison for Steven Adams early in the third. Adams has been ineffective tonight: 3 fouls, 2 rebounds, 0 points.

  19. And PS: “Food News” is the only thing that will ever be more underrated than Nick Collison.

  20. In not even 6 minutes of play: Nick Collison draws 2 charges. #ThunderBasketball

  21. Nick Collison playing like it's 2005.

  22. Nice minutes from Nick Collison: 6 pts, 5 rebs, 2 asts, good defense.

  23. Nick Collison's 1st half: 6 points, 6 rebounds, a pair of assists. @FOXSportsOK https://t.co/cZ2QkKwmWC

  24. Nick Collison w/Nick Gallo on @FOXSportsOK. "We were able to protect the paint. We stopped them from doing what they wanted to do."

  25. Nick Collison completes the and-1, Kyler SIngler hits a 3. Thunder takes 4-point lead over BOS.

  26. Perry Ellis is STILL in college. Feels like he played with Drew Gooden, Kirk Hinrich & Nick Collison...

  27. Did Perry Ellis play with Nick Collison at Kansas? Dude has got to be on like his 11th year of eligibility.

  28. Nick Collison just made a jab step move, then got to the rim off the dribble and drew the foul. In the year 2015.

  29. Vintage Nick Collison tonight. 10 points, 3 rebounds, making typically Nick Collison plays throughout.

  30. #ThunderHustle Nick Collison comes up with the save. Thunder leads Mavericks by a bucket. 8:40 left. Watch on @FOXSportsOK #LeaguePass

  31. Nick Collison on @FOXSportsOK after win. "We started playing better defense. We all stepped up and got enough stops." #ThunderBasketball

  32. After the game. Lesley McCaslin interviewed Nick Collison on @FoxSportsOK https://t.co/bdkh6MAbsL

  33. Loving it!!!!! Me, @nickcollison4 & @mitchmcgary !!!!! https://t.co/qKIctP7sPP