1. Power Ranking Every Super Bowl Champion in NFL History

    How to rank Super Bowl winners? Let us count the ways. There are so many measures by which we can look at past champions and rank their quality. Why not make it as objective as possible? The methodology is simple...

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  2. The Best Players to Never Win a Super Bowl

    John Madden once famously said, as I recall, at the end of one Super Bowl : "There is no greater difference in sports than winning or losing a Super Bowl." It is the one major professional sports championship in America that is all riding on one game.

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  3. 4 NFL Teams That Will Benefit Most from Projected Salary-Cap Increase

    The NFL salary cap for the 2014 season increased 8.1 percent to $133 million, and it is a foregone conclusion the cap will increase once again prior to the new league year on March 10...

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  4. Teddy Named Pepsi Rookie of the Year

    The fan votes are tallied, and Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has been selected as the 2014 Pepsi Rookie of the Year...

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  5. Patriots Cancel Saturday Walkthrough; Also Simulate Long Halftime at Practice

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  6. More on Robert Kraft's Absence from Roger Goodell's News Conference

    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's absence from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's annual Super Bowl news conference was noted in this space, in part because Kraft publicly ...

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  7. Carolina Panthers reserve tight end Ed Dickson covets Pro Bowl

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  8. NY Giants Twitter Mailbag: Super Bowl Eve Edition

    As we count down to Super Bowl XLIX , let’s take a quick look at what’s on the minds of New York Giants fans before the big game. Thanks for the question, Ceri ...

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  9. Chiefs' CEO Clark Hunt Favors Expansion of Playoffs and Replay

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suggested Friday the league will explore the implementation of instant replay to review penalties and will consider expanding the playoffs from the current 12-team format...

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  10. Dallas Cowboys: Top 5 Running Backs Who Could Replace DeMarco Murray

    The Dallas Cowboys face the brutal task of trying to re-sign two superstars in wide receiver Dez Bryant and running back DeMarco Murray...

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  11. The Bucs "Need" Jameis Winston "Right Now"

    This debate is not going to die down any time soon. Whether the Bucs draft Oregon's Marcus Mariota or Florida State's Jameis Winston remains to be seen but more and more agree that Winston is ready for the elite level now...

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  12. Arians: Larry Fitzgerald the "Ultimate Team Player"

    Bruce Arians was asked if he was nervous that wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald wouldn't return to the Cardinals in 2015...

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  13. Denver Broncos Raising Ticket Prices $2-$10 Per Seat for 2015 Season

    There has been success on the field, popularity that has expanded beyond the Colorado region, and proof the Broncos are willing to reinvest revenues into their product...

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  14. Kam Chancellor Injury: Updates on Seahawks Star's Knee

    Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor , one of the hardest-hitting players in the NFL , was limited in Friday's practice with a knee injury...

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  15. Eric Winston Apologizes for His Shot at Roger Goodell

    NFL Players Association President Eric Winston took a shot at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today, but it didn't take Winston long to back down...

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  16. Patriots 'Minitron' Julian Edelman Has Had Some Mega Moments

    Julian Edelman could easily be mistaken as a bearded New England Patriots fan who somehow ducked past security to wear a No. 11 jersey over his hooded sweatshirt during this week's Super Bowl XLIX media sessions...

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  17. Sources: Bernard Pollard Wants Titans to Release Him

    Titans safety Bernard Pollard has requested for the team to release him from his contract, according to sources familiar with the situation...

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  18. The Story Behind Marshawn Lynch's Unique High-Altitude Training Mask

    As Super Bowl XLIX approaches, the overwhelming focus of media attention has been on the Patriots ' inability to properly inflate their footballs and Marshawn Lynch 's desire to avoid talking with the press ...

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  19. Underwear Company Backing Marshawn Lynch

    If Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch goes rogue on Sunday in the Super Bowl and decides do another lewd gesture after a touchdown, some good could come out it...

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  20. Grantland Mocks Patriots' Deflategate with Hilarious 'Scarface' Spoof

    With the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks fast approaching, the fallout from the Deflategate scandal is winding down...

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  21. New York Jets: An Early Look at Potential 2015 Schemes and Best Draft Fits

    The New York Jets should look like a much different team in 2015. With a new head coach and general manager, along with a boatload of money to spend in free agency and a top-six ...

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  22. Titans Announce Changes to Front Office: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction

    With the 2015 NFL draft still a few months away, the Tennessee Titans decided the time is now for a major front-office shake-up...

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  23. Roger Goodell Disagrees with Richard Sherman over Photo

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked if he will stop taking photos with team owners in light of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman saying it was a conflict of interest ...

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  24. Falcons Sign Three-Year, $9 Million Deal with 92.9/The Game

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  25. After Testing Shoulder at Pro Bowl, Jimmy Graham Says He Will Avoid Surgery

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