1. Every NFL Team's Riskiest Move so Far This Offseason

    Every move front offices make—or purposefully don't make, in some cases—carries an associated risk in the NFL ...

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  2. 10 Greatest San Francisco 49ers Stars on New Teams

    For San Francisco 49er fans, one of the hardest things about the 2015 season might be seeing Frank Gore in Indianapolis Colt blue. It made sense for the team to move on from Gore...

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  3. Raiders Record Book Reads Like Janikowski Biography

    When the Oakland Raiders selected kicker Sebastian Janikowski in the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft, that pick sent shockwaves through the Draft "experts...

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  4. Ranking New England Patriots' Top 5 Sleepers to Watch in Camp

    Every year, without fail, the New England Patriots make a surprise cut that sends shock waves through the Northeast...

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  5. Ranking Chicago Bears' Top 5 Sleepers to Watch in Camp

    Much of the focus later this month at Chicago Bears training camp will be centered on big-name players like quarterback Jay Cutler , outside linebacker Jared Allen and free safety ...

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  6. Ranking San Francisco 49ers' Top 5 Sleepers to Watch in Camp

    One of the San Francisco 49ers ’ top sleepers of 2015 is a running back you may not have heard of: Kendall Gaskins ...

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  7. Ranking Green Bay Packers' Top 5 Sleepers to Watch in Camp

    Sure, it's always fun to see veteran Green Bay Packers show off their skills up close at Ray Nitschke Field during training camp practices...

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  8. Ranking New York Giants' Top 5 Sleepers to Watch in Camp

    There is little question the New York Giants are going to need some strong performances from some of their big stars such as quarterback Eli Manning, receiver Odell Beckham Jr., defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins and others...

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  9. Philip Rivers on Disappointment in Antonio Gates' Suspension

    Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has often joked that he could throw touchdown passes blindfolded to Antonio Gates, so unique is the bond the two have formed over the last 12 years...

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  10. Ranking Oakland Raiders' Top 5 Sleepers to Watch in Camp

    Several new faces with the Oakland Raiders haven’t stirred the buzz expected fresh out of the draft. Organized team practices and minicamps have consisted of players running around without pads in shorts or sweatpants...

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  11. 5 Jacksonville Jaguars Players with the Most to Gain in Training Camp

    One of the last pushes for roster spots will begin soon when the Jacksonville Jaguars enter training camp. It may seem like the roster is nearly set, but with an exceptional training camp, some Jaguars players could find themselves on the way up...

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  12. Marcus Cromartie Looks to Carry Strong Offseason into Training Camp

    There has been no time to stop and smell the roses – or even appreciate first-team offseason reps – for Marcus Cromartie...

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  13. Jason Pierre-Paul's Only Option with Financial Future in Peril

    The only certainty resulting from Jason Pierre-Paul's ill-advised tussle with those fireworks that left injuries to both of his hands on July 4 is this: His actions were dumb beyond description...

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  14. Ballers and the NFL

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  15. Ronde Barber: EJ Manuel 'Scared to Deliver'

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  16. Ranking the NFL's Top 10 Return Specialists Entering 2015 Season

    The role of specialists in the NFL has evolved as rules have changed in recent seasons. When a player is a masterful return man but offers nothing else to the team, his roster spot could be in danger...

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  17. Randy Moss Working out with Steelers' Antonio Brown, Josh Harris

    Although he didn't get the type of money NBA free agents are landing this summer, Josh Harris was fortunate enough to sign a two-year contract with the Steelers following the release of Legarrette Blount...

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  18. Rivers Hopes PED Suspension Doesn't Hurt Gates's Reputation

    Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers believes Antonio Gates when he says that his four-game suspension was the result of accidentally taking a banned substance...

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  19. Demarcus Lawrence Can Emerge as Key Piece for Dallas Cowboys in 2015

    It's been a busy offseason in Texas this year. The Dallas Mavericks have brought in DeAndre Jordan, while the San Antonio Spurs have signed LaMarcus Aldridge...

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  20. Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry Make Wild Catches While Laying Down

    The reason that New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is able to complete ridiculous catches (while making them look routine) is because he practices snagging footballs in just about every way imaginable...

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  21. Russell Wilson Says God Spoke to Him Right After Super Bowlinterception

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  22. Philip Rivers on Antonio Gates' Suspension & Why the Locker Room

    Philip Rivers on losing Antonio Gates to a PED suspension, why he has complete trust in him & the support of the Chargers locker room...

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  23. Cardinals Players Lose It over USWNT's Absurd Start

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  24. 3 Forgotten Factors That Could Help Rams Shock NFL World

    The St. Louis Rams made some big offseason splashes by trading former No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford and acquiring Nick Foles ...

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  25. Debate: Which Redskin's Seat Should Be the Hottest?

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