1. Redrafting the 2014 NFL Draft

    The 2016 NFL draft is right around the corner. By the end of the week, we'll know which players went to which teams and what the draft class as a whole looks like. Don't be surprised if draft grades start pouring in before draft weekend is even over..

    Kristopher Knox Written by Kristopher Knox about 3 months ago 91,142 reads 192 comments

  2. Remembering Tim Brown's Hall of Fame Career

    If you ask fans of the Oakland Raiders who best personifies the team's stay in Los Angeles from 1982-1994, odds are one of three names is coming up. The first is tailback Marcus Allen, who spent his entire 11-year Raiders tenure in Los Angeles...

    Gary Davenport Written by Gary Davenport about 12 months ago 44,144 reads 60 comments