1. Nelson Agholor Carrying an NFL Mindset Along with His Special Talent

    Two weeks before the NFL Draft, wide receiver Nelson Agholor steps inside the John McKay Center, University of Southern California's 110,000-square-foot athletic facility...

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  2. Scout Critical of Oregon DL Arik Armstead

    Oregon defensive lineman Arik Armstead is poised to become a first-round pick in next week's NFL Draft, perhaps in the top half of the round. But for one NFL scout, there is an alarming three-round gap between Armstead's talent and his production...

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  3. 2015 Atlanta Falcons Potential Draft Pick Profile: RB David Cobb

    The Atlanta Falcons ' move to a zone-blocking scheme under new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan makes David Cobb look like a legitimate option for a starting back—on the surface...

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  4. Defensive Nightmare Headlines Cleveland Browns' Ultimate 2015 Draft Big Board

    The Cleveland Browns face an incredibly important 2015 NFL draft, with two picks in the first round...

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  5. Rating the NFL Draft Prospects: Wide Receivers and Tight Ends

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  6. Re-Grading Baltimore Ravens' Past 5 Drafts

    Draft grading isn't much more than putting words on paper until we've gotten a chance to see how players from a specific draft develop into NFL players...

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  7. Shane Ray Injury: Updates on LB's Foot and Recovery

    Missouri Tigers edge-rusher Shane Ray could reportedly slide during the 2015 NFL draft because of a lingering foot injury. Continue for updates...

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  8. Port of Miami: Shipping Prospects to the NFL

    The activity on 22nd Avenue hardly resembled the early stages of rush hour bubbling throughout other areas of South Florida...

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  9. Report: Missouri's Shane Ray May Need Toe Surgery, Could Drop in Draft

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  10. It Didn't Break Him

    You step into a room and the door closes behind you. Inside, there are five men, one of whom you recognize from television; he's an NFL head coach...

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  11. The Draft's QBs, Now and Then

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  12. USC Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams Is the Draft's 'Can't-Miss' Prospect

    Some have compared him to the great Reggie White, others think he's more like one of White's former teammates, Jerome Brown...

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  13. Mariota on Possible Kelly Reunion: 'Would Be Fun to Be Part of It Again'

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  14. Ex-Seminoles CB P.J. Williams Admits to Having 'a Few Drinks' Night

    P.J. Williams, the former FSU cornerback projected by some as a low first-round draft pick, admitted to having a “few drinks” the night of his DUI arrest and said he is owning up to his mistake...

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  15. During NFL Draft Process, 'He's a Winner' Can Be More Than Just a Cliche

    "He's a winner." It's a sports cliche that doesn't offer any tangible proof of how one athlete is better suited to produce positive results on the field of play more than any other...

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  16. Re-Grading Pittsburgh Steelers' Past 5 Drafts

    Draft grading is its own cottage industry. But it is a far more constructive exercise to undertake when the players have at least one year of NFL experience to their names...

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  17. Regrading Cleveland Browns' Past 5 Drafts

    The NFL draft is the best way for teams to build for the future. They can reload their rosters with players capable of starting immediately as well as developmental talents to be groomed to eventually replace veterans...

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  18. Highlighting the Best Small-School Prospect at Every Position in 2015 NFL Draft

    While the majority of NFL draft picks come from Football Bowl Subdivision college programs, there are hidden gems among their small-school counterparts to be had each year. The 2015 NFL draft is no exception...

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  19. The Aaron Rodgers Lesson: No Shame in Winston, Mariota Skipping the NFL Draft

    Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers was sitting in front of a lectern, still dressed in his uniform pants and a T-shirt underneath the stands at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas...

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  20. Vince Mayle's Long Journey: Hoops to Football, Defense to Offense, JUCO to NFL

    Vince Mayle's slam dunks must have been a sight to behold. The first was a two-handed windmill, with Mayle leaping from just in front of the foul line. The second was even flashier...

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  21. 2015 NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Who Are the Experts Picking?

    The NFL draft, for the most part, is far from a consensus practice. Writers have varying opinions on topics regarding the weekend, and creating mocks is a tough exercise...

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  22. 2015 NFL Draft: 2-Round Mock Draft Update

    With only a week to go until the 2015 NFL draft, it is time for one final two-round update. At this point in the process, the misinformation is everywhere, so being able to sift through the smokescreens and stick with the plan is important...

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  23. Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Countdown: Making the Case for Jay Ajayi

    The Jacksonville Jaguars seem to have just a few needs left to take care of before the season begins, and one of them is at running back...

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  24. Eric Kendricks Offers NFL Rare Skill Set in 1st Round of Draft

    Not so long ago, the NFL had a glut of stars at the linebacker position spread across the league. Patrick Willis was the best at the position in the league for a long time...

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  25. Redrafting the Loaded 2010 NFL Draft: Who Is New No. 1 Pick?

    The 2010 NFL draft certainly boasted a talented class, with the likes of Gerald McCoy, Rob Gronkowski and Jason Pierre-Paul all among the players selected...

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