1. What Positions Should the Indianapolis Colts Target in 2015 NFL Draft?

    With Week 14 (mostly) in the books—and the college football season entering the postseason—it's definitely time to start looking at the 2015 NFL draft. Specifically, which areas of need are most pressing for the Indianapolis Colts ...

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  2. SEC Title Game Draws Scouts from 14 NFL Teams

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  3. Is Randy Gregory the Next Aldon Smith?

    Randy Gregory is a 6'6" junior defensive end from Nebraska. What the Cornhuskers will lose on defense some lucky NFL team will gain in the 2015 draft...

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  4. Gerod Holliman Leads CFB's Top 10 Ball-Hawking Defensive Backs

    As part of a new series, we're taking power rankings from macro to micro. Instead of looking at the best teams that are dominating the college football landscape, we're focusing on something more specific in this series...

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  5. Has Florida State's Jameis Winston Regressed as a Quarterback?

    The 2014 Florida State Seminoles may be undefeated, but star quarterback Jameis Winston 's play has been far from perfect...

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  6. Interceptions Raising Doubts About Jameis Winston's NFL Potential

    Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is often characterized as an elite prospect with character concerns, a player whose on-field ability could make him one of the top picks ...

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  7. 2015 NFL Draft: Matt Miller's Scouting Notebook for Week 14

    The NFL draft has become a 365-day news cycle, but there is definitely a "draft season." And we're getting close to it...

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  8. Where Does Amari Cooper Rank Against 2014 WR Class?

    Amari Cooper is an obvious first-round draft choice in the upcoming 2015 NFL draft, but where does he rank among the best receivers from the 2014 draft? Is he better than ...

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  9. Devaluing of RBs Greatest Threat to Todd Gurley's Draft Stock

    There is little doubt that the NFL scouting community agrees with Georgia head coach Mark Richt's recent assessment of Todd Gurley as a blue-chip talent, but the devaluation of the ...

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  10. Top NFL Draft Prospects to Watch in Each CFB Championship

    The eyes of the football world will be set squarely on the seven college football conference championship games in the coming days, which will have significant ramifications for the 2015 NFL draft...

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  11. The QB Market Crash

    RGIII has crashed, Newton is hurting and Kaepernick is struggling. With more questions than answers at the top of the upcoming draft class, will teams back off the big investments in ...

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  12. 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Latest Predictions Before Week 14

    It is never too early for a mock draft, especially when the inbound class is this good . Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston make up one of the best quarterback duels in recent memory...

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  13. UCLA's Brett Hundley Expected to Turn Pro, Jim Mora Says

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  14. Scout's Take: Is Jameis Winston Still an Elite QB Prospect?

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  15. Brandon Scherff Named Big Ten's Top Offensive Lineman

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  16. 2015 NFL Draft: Early 7-Round Predictions for New York Jets

    Sitting on an abysmal 2-10 record, the New York Jets ' 2015 season is, for all intents and purposes, in the books...

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  17. Giants Should Strongly Consider Drafting a Quarterback Early in April

    Indisputable fact: It's almost impossible to win in the modern-day NFL without a great quarterback. Nine of the last 11 Super Bowl champions were led by superstar quarterbacks ...

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  18. 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Breaking Down Best Selections for Every 1st-Round Team

    The 2015 NFL draft class figures to feature an eclectic mix of talent on both sides of the ball, which means teams that don't qualify for the playoffs this season have some enticing consolation prizes waiting for them...

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  19. San Francisco 49ers: An Overly Premature 2015 NFL Draft Big Board

    A San Francisco 49ers 2015 NFL draft big board? It’s officially way too early to do this, considering the 49ers are still very much in the playoff race, albeit fading...

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  20. Richt: Georgia RB Todd Gurley Will Enter NFL Draft

    It was the worst kept secret in all of college football, but tonight Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt made it official...

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  21. 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Analyzing Best Round 1 Selections for Every Team

    The 2015 NFL draft's prospects will have a hard time living up to the previous class in terms of depth and expected star power...

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  22. Scout's Take: Boise State's Jay Ajayi Generating Buzz

    The 2014 college football season is wrapping up, with bowl season just over the horizon. Here are six players who saw their stock fluctuate over the weekend, and my top picks for the College Football Playoff and the Heisman Trophy...

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  23. 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Week 13 Breakdown

    While no team entered 2014 expecting to be looking toward next season by the end of Week 13, that's just where many organizations stand heading into December...

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  24. NFL Draft 2015: Updated Prospect Radar, Post-Week 13

    As the majority of college football teams concluded their regular-season schedules this past weekend, “Rivalry Week” was an important one for 2015 NFL draft prospects—many ...

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  25. Sources Tell Us: What we're hearing about top NFL prospects

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