1. NFL Combine 2015: What to Watch for on Friday

    Right around the time our longing for football slowly starts to grow, the NFL Scouting Combine enters the scene to provide fans a chance to satiate their gridiron urges with endless streams of football coverage and analysis...

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  2. Minnesota's Maxx Williams Has Potential to Be Next Star at Tight End

    When the Minnesota Gophers signed Maxx Williams as a scholarship athlete out of high school, they likely had no idea he would be the top tight-end prospect in the 2015 NFL draft...

    Ian Wharton Written by Ian Wharton about 11 days ago 12,178 reads 35 comments

  3. Gordon Confident Several Running Backs Will Go in First Round

    It used to be a regular occurrence to find running backs taken in the first round of the NFL draft, but the last several years have prompted a flurry of remarks over the position's notable absence of being in the spotlight on the first night of the draft.

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  4. Four Workout Warriors Who Will Dominate 2015 NFL Combine

    The NFL Scouting Combine is finally upon us, and workouts are looming just around the corner. With the eyes of scouts and fans on these prospects, who will stand out as the best athletes? ...

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  5. Deep but Lackluster OT Crop Must Show Left Tackle Qualities at 2015 NFL Combine

    Left tackle remains one of the most valuable positions in the NFL .  The average dollar amount of the top five contracts for a left tackle is $70.3 million...

    Brent Sobleski Written by Brent Sobleski about 11 days ago 2,130 reads 14 comments

  6. Todd Gurley: Latest News, Rumors and Speculation on RB's NFL Draft Stock

    Running back Todd Gurley is one of the key players to watch in the 2015 NFL draft. He has a world of potential that was derailed last year at Georgia due to a torn ACL that left ...

    Adam Wells Written by Adam Wells about 11 days ago 46,136 reads 83 comments

  7. NFL Mock Draft 2015: Projections for Top Prospects Heading into Combine

    The NFL Scouting Combine isn't the be-all and end-all of evaluations for NFL teams when it comes to prospects. Game film is far more important, for one thing, and teams can learn a lot from events like the Senior Bowl and pro days...

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  8. Duke Johnson Compares Himself to LeSean McCoy

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  9. Scouting Combine Buzz, Day 2: Mariota's goal is to make impact from Day 1

    The much-anticipated Marcus Mariota press conference, conducted minutes ago here at the NFL Scouting Combine, was relatively bland, as expected...

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  10. Brian Baldinger, NFL Network, Is Most Looking Forward to See This NFL Prospect

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  11. QB Brett Hundley Wants to Go No. 1 Overall; Knows Much to Prove

    Two years ago, ridiculously premature mock drafts polluting the Internet pegged Brett Hundley as a No. 1 overall pick...

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  12. Combine Viewers Will Get a Better Look at 40 Times

    In years past, fans watching the Scouting Combine on NFL Network were shown 40-yard dash times that weren't entirely accurate...

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  13. NFL Combine 2015: Workout Schedule and Predictions for Fastest Players

    The NFL Scouting Combine has many features, but the biggest draw for fans is seeing which players are the fastest in each class...

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  14. Dorial Green-Beckham: 'I'm Young, I Made Mistakes'

    In a year in which the NFL Scouting Combine lacks a little in terms of star power, one of the more intriguing stories is wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham...

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  15. Dorial Green-Beckham Measures Even with Calvin Johnson

    No sooner did word get out that Dorial Green-Beckham measured 6-foot-5 and 237 pounds than the comparisons began...

    Noah Jampol Written by Noah Jampol about 12 days ago 3,644 reads 1 comments

  16. NFL Mock Draft 2015: Latest Projections for 1st-Round Prospects Entering Combine

    With the NFL Scouting Combine gearing up to take place in Indianapolis over the next week, 2015 mock drafts are never going to be the same...

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  17. NFL Draft 2015: 1st-Round Mock Draft Based on Day 1 Scouting-Combine Buzz

    The 2015 NFL Scouting Combine has officially commenced, and while a single workout has yet to take place, we've already witnessed some potentially draft-altering comments. That's right, we're talking interviews here...

    Sean ODonnell Written by Sean ODonnell about 12 days ago 5,714 reads 2 comments

  18. Does Jared Lorenzen's 'Bigger Is Better' Mantra Perfectly Suit Jameis Winston?

    Those who have witnessed this viral artifact were already well aware that former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen is undoubtedly a big man. And those who follow him on Twitter know he's a funny guy...

    Brad Gagnon Written by Brad Gagnon about 12 days ago 39,586 reads 27 comments

  19. NFL Combine 2015: What to Watch for on Thursday

    Things are starting to heat up at the NFL Scouting Combine. As the event kicks off, the bulk of the draft prospects have arrived at Lucas Oil Stadium and begun the battery of tests, interviews and workouts involved in this all-important job interview..

    Curt Popejoy Written by Curt Popejoy about 12 days ago 4,133 reads 1 comments

  20. Ranking the Colts' Best Draft Picks Under Ryan Grigson

    As the draft approaches, one of the things I like to do is to take a moment to look back at past Indianapolis Colts drafts...

    Kyle J.  Rodriguez Written by Kyle J. Rodriguez about 12 days ago 4,829 reads 12 comments

  21. 2015 NFL Draft Loaded with Slot Receivers, Offensive Weapons

    As the NFL continues to evolve schematically, coaches and coordinators look to push the envelope with innovation to create mismatches...

    Ian Wharton Written by Ian Wharton about 12 days ago 11,329 reads 18 comments

  22. Why DeVante Parker Is the San Francisco 49ers' Must-Draft Target

    There are somewhere between three to five solid targets for the San Francisco 49ers with the 15th pick in the 2015 NFL draft. If they choose to address the defensive line, they could go with Arik Armstead , the giant prospect from Oregon..

    Bryan Knowles Written by Bryan Knowles about 12 days ago 14,461 reads 45 comments

  23. What Will It Take for Eagles to Land Marcus Mariota in 2015 NFL Draft?

    As the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine gets rolling in Indianapolis , one of this year's hottest draft rumors consists of a potential reunion between Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and his old college quarterback...

    Gary Davenport Written by Gary Davenport about 12 days ago 31,823 reads 212 comments

  24. Marcus Mariota's Decision to Throw in NFL Combine Drills Shows His Confidence

    For quarterbacks, the NFL draft process has become more about avoiding NFL scouts than convincing them...

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  25. Collins Aims to Emphasize His Versatility to NFL Teams

    INDIANAPOLIS -- The NFL Scouting Combine provides an incredibly fascinating job interview process for potential NFL players...

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