1. Mel Kiper Regrades the Redskins 2014 Draft Class

    Draft grades given to team's before the players have even stepped on the field are just for entertainment and it gives fans a chance to complain or rave about the job their team did based on projections and opinion...

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  2. Regrading Eagles' 2014 draft is too easy

    PHILADELPHIA – It is depressingly clear that Jordan Matthews did more than catch 67 passes for 872 yards and eight touchdowns in 2014. The Eagles ' rookie wide receiver singlehandedly saved the team's entire draft class from abject failure...

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  3. Eagles' New QB Coach Goes Way Back with Chip

    RYAN DAY might not know a ton about playing quarterback in the NFL , having never played or coached in the league...

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  4. Sam Shields: 'It Was a Catch'

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  5. Mel Kiper Re-Grades Giants' 2014 Draft Class

    Looking back on it, what grade would you give the New York Giants ' 2014 NFL Draft class? Pretty hard not to give any class that includes a unique player like Odell Beckham Jr. and several other starting-caliber players an 'A...

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  6. NFL Mock Draft 2015 Roundup for Giants

    This week's look around the Inter-Google at 2015 NFL mock draft choices for the New York Giants shows a fairly heavy belief that the Giants will take an offensive lineman with their first-round pick...

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  7. LIVE from the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl: Odell at Team Irvin practice

    Giants .com's Dan Salomone brings you up-to-the-minute coverage of the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl and WR Odell Beckham Jr...

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  8. Cowboys Probably Can't Keep Talented LB Corps Intact

    For all the talk about DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant becoming free agents in March, the Dallas Cowboys have similar issues in their linebacker corps. Rolando McClain, arguably the defense's best player when healthy, is set to hit the open market.

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  9. How Long Should the Leash Be for the Current Redskins Regime?

    Because they've been making significant, but not wholesale changes, in recent offseasons , the Washington Redskins are in a weird spot...

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  10. Cowboys Likely to Restructure Romo's Contract for Cap Space

    In an effort to create more salary cap space, the Cowboys are expected to restructure Tony Romo's contract at some point this offseason...

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  11. Washington Redskins Miss out on Opportunity in Defensive Coordinator Search

    The search to replace Jim Haslett as Washington Redskins defensive coordinator started out with a seemingly no-brainer decision...

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  12. 5 Biggest Changes Philadelphia Eagles Must Still Make This Offseason

    It's hard to believe the general pessimism surrounding the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles . After all, this is a team that won 10 games—just like the previous year—despite a slew of key injuries and a first-place schedule...

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  13. Should Eagles Target Upgrades at WR in 2015 Offseason?

    The Philadelphia Eagles used second- and third-round picks on wide receivers Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff in the 2014 draft...

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  14. How the Washington Redskins Can Make the Most of Each 2015 Draft Pick

    It feels almost foreign to put as much stock in the 2015 NFL draft as the Washington Redskins are preparing to do...

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  15. Key New York Giants Who Must Fully Rebound from the Injured Reserve List

    With all apologies to the New England Patriots , there’s nothing that takes the air out of a football season more than injuries...

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  16. Cowboys Have Many Questions to Answer at Linebacker Before the NFL Draft

    MOBILE, Ala. – The Dallas Cowboys weren't just looking for defensive linemen the last three days during Senior Bowl practices...

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  17. Can the Redskins Afford All of Their Wide Receivers?

    This morning, we examined the 2015 outlook for the Redskins ' wide receivers and studied their salary cap situation. Now, CSNwashington...

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  18. Should Jerry Jones Now Be Considered a Top-Quality General Manager?

    Is that all it takes? The Dallas Cowboys won a playoff game this year for only the second time since 1997, and suddenly their frequently battered owner/general manager is being lauded for his roster-building skills...

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  19. Pro Bowl Rosters: Michael Irvin Shows His True Cowboys Colors

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  20. ESPN's Paolantonio Talks Eagles Offseason

    In our continuing coverage the 2015 Pro Bowl, Dave Spadaro spoke with ESPN's Sal Paolantonio about how the Eagles should approach the offseason .....

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  21. Will Compton Wins Hometown Hero Award

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  22. Redskins Dismiss Defensive Line Coach Jacob Burney

    MOBILE, Ala. — For the second time in as many days the Washington Redskins have dismissed a defensive assistant, parting ways with defensive line coach Jacob Burney, a person with knowledge of the situation confirmed...

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  23. Johnson, Ertz Key To Offense's Growth

    The Eagles haven't picked in the Top 10 of the NFL Draft very often since the turn of the century. Barring an unforeseen trade into the higher reaches of the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft, ...

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  24. Troy Aikman on Patriots: Brady Had to Be Involved

    Pro Football Hall of Famer, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Fox color analyst Troy Aikman didn't mince words Thursday morning when discussing the Patriots , the NFL and Roger Goodell...

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  25. Stephen Jones: It's Great Seeing My Father Get the Praise He Deserves

    Despite all the criticism Jerry Jones has received over the years for his decisions as Cowboys general manager, he was rewarded with some praise recently when he was named 2014 NFL Executive of the Year by the Pro Football Writers of America...

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