1. Washington Redskins: Updated Draft Big Board After First Wave of Free Agency

    It is rare to have a free-agency period where the Washington Redskins don't have their hat in the highest-profile rings the offseason has to offer. However, the signings they have made have been smart and narrowed their focus for the draft...

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  2. Giants Bring Back Replaceable 2014 Pieces

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  3. Tyrone Crawford Looking Forward to Eagles' Games

    When DeMarco Murray left the Dallas Cowboys last week as a free agent for the Philadelphia Eagles , Tyrone Crawford was disappointed...

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  4. Chip Kelly's Moves Have Philadelphia Eagles in Prime Position

    "What is Chip Kelly doing?" That's the question running through the minds of Philadelphia Eagles fans after watching the coach orchestrate a series of personnel moves that completely ...

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  5. More Eagles QB news: Matt Barkley's available, if you wanthim

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  6. What Will Jeron Johnson's Role Be with the Redskins?

    Jeron Johnson, the former Seahawk signed by the Redskins today, had a pair of formidable roadblocks to getting playing time in Seattle in the forms of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor...

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  7. Internet Reacts to News That Chip Kelly Is Working Out Tim Tebow in Philadelphia

    If you haven't realized already, the sporting world is a wave pool, and Chip Kelly is the sauced-up attendant cackling and redlining the thrusters whenever people aren't expecting it...

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  8. Dan Snyder's Radio Station Fires Critic of Dan Snyder's Football Team

    With a salary cap, a draft system that rewards the worst and penalizes the best, and rules that strive to create competitive balance, it's hard to find consistency in the NFL ...

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  9. Giants Sign OL John Jerry and CB Chykie Brown

    Jerry started all 16 games at right guard in his first season with the Giants . He signed with the team as a free agent on March 21, 2014. Jerry had arthroscopic knee surgery on May 29 and did not start until the final preseason game...

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  10. Jeron Johnson to Redskins: Latest Contract Details, Comments and Reaction

    Strong safety Jeron Johnson may not have been a marquee star in the Legion of Boom secondary for the Seattle Seahawks during his four years in the Pacific Northwest, but he will ...

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  11. Report: Jeron Johnson Deal Worth $4M

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  12. Jimmy Johnson Gives Advice to Chip Kelly

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  13. Cowboys Have History of Low Risks Paying off on Big Talents

    When word came that the Dallas Cowboys signed Darren McFadden on Friday, many wondered why. McFadden hadn't averaged better than 3.4 yards per carry in the last three seasons...

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  14. Three New Giants Make Grantland's '10 Worst Free Agent Deals' so Far

    One year after Giants general manager Jerry Reese threw around money like a drunken sailor in free agency, doling out $116 million in contracts, the team is spending more in the "fruits and nuts" category of free agents in 2015...

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  15. Ranking Washington Redskins Best Remaining Free-Agency Options

    Beefing up the defensive line and adding to a threadbare secondary have already made this a successful free-agency period for the Washington Redskins ...

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  16. Roundtable: Chip Kelly Is a Madman and Must Be Stopped

    Tuesday marked the beginning of a new year on the NFL calendar, and the Philadelphia Eagles apparently decided to celebrate the occasion with a flurry of major transactions...

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  17. Ranking Philadelphia Eagles' Best Remaining Free-Agency Options

    For as much attention as the Philadelphia Eagles ’ offseason has garnered both locally and nationally, the truth of the matter is the roster is still spotty...

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  18. Darren McFadden's New Two-Year Contract Gives Him Incentive to Stay Healthy

    The breakdown of new Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden 's two-year contract shows that he'll receive a base salary of $900,000 in 2015 with a $1.15 million salary cap hit, according to spotrac...

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  19. Cowboys Could've Kept Murray for Less Than 3.5 Percent of the 2015 Salary Cap

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said that his team couldn't keep running back Jerry Jones due to the salary cap...

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  20. Ranking New York Giants' Best Remaining Free-Agency Options

    On the surface, the New York Giants foray into the 2015 free-agency period hasn’t been splashy or, if some opinions are to be believed, efficient...

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  21. Andrew Gachkar to Sign with Cowboys: Latest Contract Details, Comments, Reaction

    The Dallas Cowboys made another addition to their group of linebackers, agreeing to terms with free agent Andrew Gachkar ...

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  22. Andrew Gachkar Signs with Cowboys

    The Cowboys have lost two linebackers in free agency and could lose a third if Rolando McClain doesn't return to the team, leaving them in need of some reinforcements at the position...

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  23. Gachkar's Deal for 2 Years/$5.5M

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  24. Cowboys Sign Ex-Chargers LB Andrew Gachkar

    LB Andrew Gachkar to the Cowboys , per agent @davidcanter. Former Chargers LB could have big role in Dallas...

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  25. With so Many Holes to Fill, How Can Redskins Win This Draft?

    Are the Redskins now going to be sellers in the draft? After adding two free-agent defensive linemen, Washington probably won't be drafting pass rushers Shane Ray or Randy Gregory with the fifth overall selection on April 30 anymore...

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