1. Yankees President: Chances of Signing Scherzer 'Virtually None'

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  2. Yankees Give a Stiff-Arm to Veteran Closer Jason Grilli

    The Yankees have not said they are done adding pieces to a revamped bullpen, but it doesn't appear veteran reliever Jason Grilli will be joining the cast...

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  3. Capuano: I Chose Yankees over Japan

    Chris Capuano said he decided to stay in the AL East instead of going to the Far East because he will have a chance to start and received good money.....

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  4. If the Yankees Are Going to Spend, It Shouldn't Be on James Shields

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  5. Are the Yankees Headed for a 3rd Straight Year Without a Playoff Appearance?

    For almost two decades, the New York Yankees making the playoffs was more or less a given. That's a reputation and an expectation that materializes when, from 1995 through 2012, a team falls short only one time (in 2008)...

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  6. Jeter to Participate in Matsui Charity Event

    TOKYO -- Hideki Matsui will team up with former New York Yankees teammate Derek Jeter to hold a baseball charity event to support children affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami...

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  7. Rodriguez Plans on Battling Headley for 3B Job in Spring Training

    Alex Rodriguez plans on fighting for the Yankees ' third base job this spring. From the sound of things, he should probably worry about fighting for the designated hitter job instead...

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  8. Headley Deal Looks Like a Bargain

    While not typically known as bargain shoppers, the Yankees may have landed one of the better bargains of the offseason on Monday when they reportedly reached a four-year, $52 million deal with "second-tier" free agent third baseman Chase Headley...

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  9. Alex Rodriguez to Be Full-Time Designated Hitter for New York Yankees

    For now, Alex Rodriguez has one job: help the New York Yankees at the plate. Despite the Yanks signing third baseman Chase Headley to a four-year deal, and despite A-Rod turning ...

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  10. Cashman: A-Rod's Days in the Field Are Over

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said on Tuesday that Alex Rodriguez 's days as an everyday fielder are over and he hopes A-Rod will be New York's full-time designated hitter...

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  11. Chris Capuano to Yankees: Latest Contract Details, Comments and Reaction

    The New York Yankees have brought back veteran pitcher Chris Capuano on a one-year contract worth $5 million...

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  12. Report: Yankees to Re-Sign Capuano

    The Yankees have agreed to a one-year deal with lefty Chris Capuano, Jack Curry of the YES Network reports (Twitter links). Capuano receives a $5MM guarantee, per Curry...

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  13. Headley, Yanks Agree

    Buster Olney discusses the Yankees ' signing of 3B Chase Headley to a four year, $52 million deal and what it means for their expectations for Alex Rodriguez ...

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  14. Rob Refsnyder: A Yankees Backup Option All over the Field

    Re-signing Chase Headley blocks the easiest big league pathway for the Yankees most advanced position prospect, Rob Refsnyder. Before Headley, Refsnyder was in position to make a serious run at the everyday second base job...

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  15. What History Tells Us About Yanks Pursuing Scherzer

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  16. Reassessing the Yankees' Offseason Plan and Breaking Down What's Next

    It has been two years since the New York Yankees made the postseason, so naturally there were going to be some changes and transactions this winter. So far we have seen the Yankees take a slow and careful approach...

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  17. Posada and Contreras Say They're Caught Up in a Multimillion Dollar Scam

    A few years into his career, former Yankees catcher Jorge Posada was introduced to Juan Carlos Collar and Anthony Fernandez ....

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  18. Chase Headley's Re-Up a Solid Deal for Yankees, Brings 2015 Lineup into View

    Chase Headley isn't the big free-agent fish New York Yankees fans have been waiting for. His signing won't splash across the headlines, and he won't single-handedly carry New York back to the top of the American League East...

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  19. Chase Headley Wants Yankees, Brian Cashman Says

    Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has been mostly mum on his pursuit of free agent third baseman Chase Headley...

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  20. Yankees GM on Teixeira: 'I Don't Think We'll Have the Same Issues This Year...

    New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman believes Mark Teixeira's injury woes are a thing of the past...

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  21. NYDN: Use Miller, Betances as 2-Headed Closer

    Rather than simply going with one as a ninth-inning closer, a more fluid system might better maximize their ability, allowing for them to pitch in more high-leverage situations and perhaps more innings than a traditional closer...

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  22. Will Yanks Turn over Closer Duties to Betances?

    The Yankees will be employing their fourth full-time closer in four seasons when the 2015 campaign begins, a statement that would have been nearly unthinkable just a few years ago...

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  23. Gregorius Says All the Right Things About Replacing Derek Jeter

    Gregorius, who will be 25 in February, has a reputation for range and athleticism at short, as well as a strong throwing arm.....

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  24. Former Yankee Rusty Torres Gets Three Years in Prison in Child Sex Abuse Case

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  25. Yanks Sitting out the Winter? Don't Bet on It

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