1. Gallery: Thanasis Antetokounmpo's Rookie Photo Day

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  2. Things You Need to Know About NY Knicks Rookie Cleanthony Early

    The New York Knicks added another scorer to their bench. Cleanthony Early brings versatility to the Knicks rotation and depth at the 3. The 6'8" rookie from Wichita State rebounds well and should be an effective cutter in the triangle offense..

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  3. New York Knicks Rumors: GM's Say Cleanthony Early Will Make Impact

    It doesn't matter where you draft a player, they almost always need some type of seasoning before making an impact in the NBA . Sure, those drafted in the first few picks can often step on the court and be ready to go (despite some blemishes)...

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  4. Is NY Knicks' Latest Move More Noise or Part of Something Bigger?

    Splashes don't get any smaller than the one recently made between the New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings . Sam Amick of USA Today was first to report that the Knicks and Kings would be exchanging role players...

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  5. Is Carmelo Anthony a Disappointment or Victim of Unrealistic Expectations?

    Perhaps Carmelo Anthony isn’t who we thought he was. There was always this sense that he belonged in the same conversation as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, but the evidence suggests otherwise...

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  6. Knicks Rumors: Possible Pablo Prigioni Trade a Disappointing Reality of New Era

    As the news came into their purview, whether via television ticker, mobile alert or the dolt in their office bumping them mid-meeting at the office, the collective of masochists known as Knicks fans had a collective sigh of relief Wednesday afternoon.

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  7. What Quincy Acy Could Bring to the Table for New York Knicks

    At first glance, Wednesday’s trade between the New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings —Jeremy Tyler and Wayne Ellington for Quincy Acy and Travis Outlaw, per USA ...

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  8. Report: Knicks Still Open to Prigioni Trade

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  9. Report: Knicks Trade Ellington, Others to Kings

    The New York Knicks will trade guard Wayne Ellington, forward Jeremy Tyler and a 2016 second-round pick to the Sacramento Kings for forwards Quincy Acy and Travis Outlaw.....

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  10. QA: Tim Hardaway Jr. Talks Biggest Role Model, Shmoney Dance...

    New York 's CitiField in Queens may be home to the baseball-craniumed Mr. Met and its hometown team but on Monday (Aug. 4), a special guest was kicking up dust on the field and off...

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  11. NY Knicks Players Who Will Make a Big Jump in 2014-15

    The New York Knicks enter the first year of their rebuilding project in 2014-15, looking to improve on a horrible showing last time out...

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  12. Knicks Rumors: Pablo Prigioni, Wayne Ellington Trade Not Worth the Trouble

    Apparently, the New York Knicks really want to get rid of Wayne Ellington. According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Phil Jackson and Co...

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  13. Can New York Knicks Still Save Andrea Bargnani's NBA Career?

    A new administration, a new era. It's time for Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks to save every possible lost cause on the roster. We're looking at you, Andrea Bargnani . Bargnani averaged 13...

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  14. Rumor: Knicks Looking to Deal Ellington

    Okay so here's how I read this: 1. The Knicks want some more space beyond the 1-2 open spots they have. Why? I don't know! That's intriguing...

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  15. Why New York Knicks Are Still Far from Elite in Improved Eastern Conference

    Don't tell Earl Monroe, but the New York Knicks have a long, long way to go before anyone mistakes them for a serious contender in the Eastern Conference...

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  16. New York Knicks: Who Should Start at Center?

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  17. Can Tim Hardaway Jr. Improve Defensively?

    After a decent rookie campaign, New York Knicks fans are expecting big things from second-year guard Tim Hardaway Jr.....

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  18. 5 Things We Learned from Knicks Summer League

    Forget the gambling, pool parties, clubs, and iconic hotels. For two weeks in July, Las Vegas is all about basketball. Ok, that's not 100 percent true but nevertheless, basketball is our primary focus when examining the Knicks Summer League session...

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  19. Ranking NY Knicks' Young Players

    Two years ago, with one of the oldest rosters in NBA history and no draft picks in sight, the New York Knicks ' future seemed murky at best...

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  20. Cleanthony Early: I'm Ready to Be Carmelo's Backup

    The Knicks appear to have a potential opening for minutes behind Carmelo Anthony at small forward on their roster...

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  21. Report: 4 Teams Interested in Toure Murry

    After an impressive stint at Wichita State, Toure Murry's NBA stock was on the rise. It wasn't enough to hear his name called in the 2013 NBA Draft, but the guard didn't let that get him down...

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  22. Carmelo Recruitment Caused Tension Between Rose and Bulls

    Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose acknowledged tension between members of his inner circle and team management.....

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  23. Tim Hardaway: My Time on US Select Team Helped My 'D'

    My time with the Select Team in Las Vegas is over and, on an individual level, some of the biggest lessons I learned came on the defensive end from Team USA's assistant coach Tom Thibodeau, which I touched on in Thursday's diary entry...

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  24. Rumor: Toure' Murry Still on Knicks Radar

    The New York Knicks currently have a problem of having entirely too many guards on their current 15 man roster.....

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  25. Report: Knicks-Wizards Set for Christmas Day?

    Not every Christmas Day game can be as fun as LeBronfest '14: Heat -Cavs, but the league must still fill its Dec. 25 schedule...

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