1. Expect the Unexpected Throughout New York Knicks' 2014-15 Season

    The head coach has never coached, half the roster played for another team last season, the starting lineup is a mystery and, yet, the cursed orange jerseys are making a reappearance ...

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  2. Iman Shumpert's Future with New York Knicks More Complex Than We Think

    Attempting to gain insight into Iman Shumpert 's future with the New York Knicks is a convoluted and futile endeavor...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 1 month ago 11,663 reads 35 comments

  3. Knicks Exercise Option on Hardaway

    The Knicks have exercised their option to keep Tim Hardaway Jr. on his rookie scale contract through 2015/16, the team announced (Twitter link). He'll make close to $1.305MM that season, as our Rookie Scale Team Option Tracker shows...

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  4. Age vs. Beauty: Why Prigioni Deserves the Nod Over Larkin in Knicks Backcourt

    It seems to happen every other game, but often so quickly that the television cameras miss it. The New York Knicks score and trot into the backcourt, except for Pablo Prigioni , who lingers...

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  5. Is Iman Shumpert Poised for a Bounce-Back Year Under Derek Fisher?

    The New York Knicks will look to put the disaster of last season behind them and make a push toward the playoffs behind Carmelo Anthony and first-year coach Derek Fisher...

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  6. Can Amar'e Stoudemire Regain His Star Power?

    When Amar'e Stoudemire signed with the Knicks four years ago, it represented more than just the acquisition of a top-tier talent.....

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  7. How Derek Fisher Will Juggle Knicks' Starting Five

    Knicks coach Derek Fisher revealed he's planning to flip-flop the starting lineup game to game because of injuries. Fisher said he may go based on matchups.....

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  8. Grading New York Knicks' Final 15-Man Roster

    Preseason is over, and the 15-man roster is set, but the New York Knicks won't look like a finished product from the opening tip. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise...

    Josh Cohen Written by Josh Cohen about 1 month ago 19,573 reads 36 comments

  9. Stoudemire Ready to Embrace 6th Man Role; May Endorse Wine Companies

    Amar'e Stoudemire only started one of the Knicks ' six preseason games and he says he's ready to accept whatever role head coach Derek Fisher gives him, including coming off the bench...

    Default-user-icon-comment Written by Josh Fiacco about 2 months ago 1,853 reads 1 comments

  10. Barkley: NYK in Good Hands with Phil

    Charles Barkley is never shy about sharing his opinion on the Knicks . Usually, this results in Sir Charles saying something critical about the team. But that wasn't the case on Monday...

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  11. Taylor Swift poses with happy Amar'e Stoudemire, confused Carmelo Anthony

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  12. Travis Wear Wins Final Knicks Roster Spot

    UCLA product Travis Wear knows he has beaten the odds and beaten out veteran Travis Outlaw for the 15th and final spot on the Knicks roster...

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  13. Report: Knicks Acquire PF Moultrie from 76ers

    Trade calls for Sixers to send Arnett Moultrie to New York and take in Travis Outalw, who is likely to be released by Philly Philadelphia will get a future second-rounder from ...

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  14. New York Knicks' Early-Season Schedule Breakdown and Record Predictions

    With preseason play in the rearview mirror, the New York Knicks surely have their attention solely focused on the regular season's opening...

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  15. Calderon Won't Guarantee He'll Play Opener

    Jose Calderon won't yet guarantee he'll be ready for opening night Wednesday against the Bulls at the Garden...

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  16. Carmelo Anthony Says He Would Have Had No Problems Playing with Kobe Bryant

    Carmelo Anthony told reporters on Sunday that the idea of playing with Kobe Bryant in no way swayed him against signing sith the Lakers in free agency when he returned to New York this summer...

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  17. Taylor Swift Visits New York Knicks Practice (PHOTO)

    Pop star Taylor Swift took time out of her busy schedule of knitting and being adorable to visit the New York Knicks .....

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  18. JR Smith Doesn't Understand New York Knicks' Triangle Offense

    When the New York Knicks decided to implement the triangle offense this offseason, they knew some players would have initial struggles......

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  19. Bargnani Ruled out for First Three Games

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  20. Debate: How Many Games Will the Knicks Win This Season?

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  21. NYK Angling for Playoffs with New Prez, Coach and Offense

    The Knicks ' latest stab at rediscovering their past glory began taking shape last spring, as soon as Phil Jackson decided he'd be returning to his first NBA franchise to head up the front office...

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  22. Knicks Waive Langston Galloway Jordan Vandenberg

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  23. Shumpert, Jason Smith Look Like Starters

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  24. Shumpert, Jason Smith Look Like Starters

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  25. What We've Learned About 2014-15 New York Knicks so Far

    Perfecting the triangle offense is a challenge that may take months before coming to fruition. While Tim Hardaway Jr...

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