1. Shumpert, Jason Smith Look Like Starters

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  2. Shumpert, Jason Smith Look Like Starters

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  3. What We've Learned About 2014-15 New York Knicks so Far

    Perfecting the triangle offense is a challenge that may take months before coming to fruition. While Tim Hardaway Jr...

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  4. Carmelo 'Thrilled' to Play Cavs, Bulls in 1st Week

    MONTREAL – Bring it on! Carmelo Anthony was completely undaunted when the NBA 's schedule came out in August and the Knicks were faced with a season-opening back-to-back against ...

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  5. Report: Jason Smith Likely to Start at PF

    MONTREAL — The Knicks ' starting power-forward derby for next week's season-opening, brutal Bulls - Cavaliers back-to-back is taking shape: It looks like free-agent signee Jason Smith is on the cusp of winning the job...

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  6. Iman Shumpert Cleared for Takeoff with Phil Jackson's Knicks

    This is it for Iman Shumpert . The big contract year. The one that could determine his value next summer when he's slated for restricted free agency...

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  7. Jose Calderon Must Be Lynchpin of New York Knicks' Triangle Transition

    Jose Calderon has his work cut out for him in his first year wearing blue and orange. Assuming his calf strain doesn 't prevent him from suiting up next Wednesday for opening night, ...

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  8. Knicks Waive Orlando Sanchez, Didier Mbenga

    NEW YORK, October 24, 2014 –- New York Knickerbockers President Phil Jackson announced today that the team has waived center Didier Mbenga and forward Orlando Sanchez...

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  9. As Knicks Triangle Offense Develops, Derek Fisher's Team...

    Defense has been something of a myth around the Knicks for many years now. It is still, theoretically, part of some grand tradition, but not really part of the institutional memory...

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  10. The Knicks Cut Orlando Sanchez and D.J. Mbenga

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  11. J.R. Smith: Triangle Adjustment 'A Struggle'

    GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- The adjustment to the triangle offense has been "a struggle" for J.R. Smith, and it isn't just because the system is foreign to him...

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  12. What the NY Knicks' 2014-15 Starting Lineup Should Actually Look Like

    First-year New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher knows which question he needs to answer, but after six preseason games he has yet to find the solution...

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  13. Watch: Carmelo Anthony Nails Game-Winner over Wizards

    In New York's first season with Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson at the helm, the Knicks aren't projected to finish particularly high in the standings...

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  14. Can Carmelo Anthony Fit into Knicks' Triangle Offense?

    The criticism and derision of the triangle offense rankles Phil Jackson. It bothers him when he hears critics say it requires a Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant to win with it.....

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  15. Which New York Knicks Player Will Make Biggest Leap in 2014-15?

    The New York Knicks expect to make a significant improvement in 2014-15 on their poor showing last season, but to do so they'll require a number of individual players to raise their performances big-time...

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  16. 5 Bold Predictions for the New York Knicks During 2014-15 Season

    This is a transitional season for the New York Knicks , but there will be some bright spots amidst the growing pains. In Phil Jackson's first summer as team president, he tweaked the roster to better fit his beloved triangle offense...

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  17. Fisher Still Searching for Best Lineup

    The Knicks are six days away from opening night, but two of their likely starters are still nursing injuries...

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  18. Anthony Scores 30 as Knicks Beat Wizards

    NEW YORK -- Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points, including a tiebreaking three-point play with 13.9 seconds left, and the New York Knicks overcame a 10-point deficit late in the third quarter to beat the Washington Wizards 103-100 on Wednesday night...

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  19. Van Gundy Snipes at Jackson's Triangle

    Jeff Van Gundy says the Knicks will make the playoffs — but it won't be because of the triangle offense...

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  20. Knicks' Porous Defense Puts Pressure on New York to Perfect Triangle Offense

    New things aren't always shiny. Sometimes they're unpolished, raw and ineffective. The New York Knicks defense is the latter...

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  21. Jackson: Carmelo Is Knicks' Only 'Certified All-Star'

    At West Point, where the New York Knicks began training camp for the first time this year, the vast grounds are covered with reminders of military idols...

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  22. Knicks' Big Plans for Andrea Bargnani Already Gone Awry

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  23. Video Finally Surfaces of Willis Reed Fighting the Entire Lakers Team

    "REED AND LARUSSO EVICTED FOR FIGHT" blared the headline of Dave Anderson's October 19, 1966 game story in the New York Times. "Imhoff Flattened, Block Gets Bloody Nose—15,755 See Bellamy Pace Victory," read the subhead...

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  24. Knicks Need Healthy Calderon to Lead

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  25. Amar'e Stoudemire's Resurgence More Critical Than Ever to New York Knicks

    It may seem like a strange time to predict big things for Amar'e Stoudemire . The 12-year veteran turns 32 in November and is coming off the second consecutive season in which he averaged fewer than 25 minutes per game...

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