1. McAdoo Finding the Plays for Victor Cruz?

    EAST RUTHERFORD – Ben McAdoo had a career milestone on Sunday. As a first-time play caller he got to watch his plan, which was a perfect fit for the situation, result in a victory...

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  2. NY Giants vs. Washington: Breaking Down New York's Game Plan

    Say what you want about statistics in the NFL , but sometimes the numbers just don’t lie. Take for instance the Thursday night prime-time clash between the New York Giants ...

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  3. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Must Frustrate DeSean Jackson

    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie understands there is one constant when it comes to covering DeSean Jackson . It's not his speed...

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  4. New Favorite Emerges in Giants' Free Safety Scramble

    Quintin Demps worked with the first-team Giants ' defense Tuesday, a sure sign he will be the starting free safety Thursday night against the Redskins , replacing Stevie Brown...

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  5. Eli on Jeter: Been a Great Role Model for Me

    When Eli Manning became the quarterback of the New York Giants back in 2004, one of the people to whom he looked for an example of how to carry himself was a baseball player -- New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter...

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  6. For Manning's Giants, There May Be Light at the End of the Tunnel After All

    Is it possible that it all just suddenly clicked? After all of the preseason tumult and the heavy criticism fans and the media launched at the New York Giants and their brand-new ...

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  7. Tom Coughlin's Doghouse May Have New Resident: Giants DB Stevie Brown

    The Giants just may have a new starting strong safety. Stevie Brown, once a big-play interception machine, just may be in Tom Coughlin's doghouse...

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  8. Eli Manning Getting More Comfortable

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- His older son was playing in the game of the day, a Super Bowl rematch out in Seattle . But for some reason Archie Manning came to New Jersey on Sunday to watch Eli Manning and the New York Giants beat the Houston Texans ...

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  9. Why TE Larry Donnell Is New York Giants' Most Pleasant Surprise After 3 Weeks

    It was late August, training camp had concluded and the regular season was just around the corner. A full summer's worth of offseason workouts had passed, and the New York Giants still weren't sure what direction to go in at tight end...

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  10. 5 New York Giants Who Need to Get More Playing Time

    The New York Giants took care of business on Sunday against the Houston Texans , steadying a ship that was oh so close to sinking...

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  11. Giants' Rashad Jennings Records Franchise's 1st 34-Carry Performance Since 1999

    New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings had a career-high 34 carries in Sunday's 30-17 win over the Houston Texans , becoming the first Giant since Joe Montgomery in 1999 to record 34 or more carries in a game, per ESPN Stats & Info ...

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  12. Coughlin: Giants Have 'Set Routine' for Thursday Night Games

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  13. It Appears Stevie Brown Was Benched

    New York Giants safety Stevie Brown took a too-shallow route and got burned on the 44-yard Damaris Johnson touchdown catch that cut the Giants' lead over Houston to 17-10 in the third quarter of Sunday's game...

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  14. Debate: What's NY's Biggest Issue After 3 Games?

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  15. This Is What the Giants Had in Mind When They Hired Ben McAdoo

    So that's what it's supposed to look like. After two weeks of uneven offensive play and pressure mounting on Giants quarterback Eli Manning for not having adapted to the new offensive ...

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  16. Justin Pugh Does Good Job on Texans' J.J. Watt

    Justin Pugh was so sick of hearing about J.J. Watt that by the time he actually faced the Texans ' All-Pro defensive end, his head was spinning -- and he allowed a sack...

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  17. Grading Eli Manning: Giants QB Earns Highest Grade to Date This Season

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  18. Victor Cruz Thrilled to Hurt His Hips from Salsa-Ing

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  19. Giants' 0-6 Start Becomes Ancient History

    No one wanted to say much about last season's 0-6 start, but the Giants were well aware of the danger they were getting into after losing their first two games...

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  20. Jennings Dedicates Career Game to Father, a Double Amputee with Diabetees

    Rashad Jennings sat in front of his locker on Friday, taking responsibility for his fourth-quarter fumble in last week's loss to Arizona that ruined a potential game-tying drive...

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  21. Rashad Jennings Emerging as New York Giants' Bell-Cow Back

    This is the kind of production the New York Giants envisioned when they signed running back Rashad Jennings to a four-year, $10 million contract this past offseason...

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  22. Houston Texans vs New York Giants: Full Report Card Grades for New York

    The New York Giants claimed their first win of the season Sunday, taking down the Houston Texans , 30-17 , in their best full-game performance to date. The offense was chugging along, moving the ball downfield methodically on most drives...

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  23. Giants Respond to Tom Coughlin's Lighter Touch

    Coaching is about people, and the New York Giants ' Tom Coughlin knows this. More important than any system or scheme or play sheet is the ability of a coach to know his team and his players...

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  24. Cruz, Giants Get Much-Needed Win, Relief

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  25. New York Giants' Offensive Stars Respond in First Win

    The New York Giants desperately needed a win in Week 3. They got one in a convincing 30-17 takedown of the Houston Texans ...

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