1. I've known Tom Coughlin for many years and I haven't had lunch with him, either. https://t.co/U6SgTeGpZk

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  7. Todd Bowles says he knows Tom Coughlin only a little bit, adds they haven't had lunch. "But I know he's a helluva coach and a helluva guy."

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  17. Odell Beckham, in 23 NFL games, has averaged 7.1 catches for 100.4 yards and almost a touchdown per game. Ridiculous.

  18. Big fan of the Wu-Tang Clan. Enter Wu-Tang. No Father to his style. OBJ - my bad. https://t.co/cy8uZQwYrq

  19. Asked if the Victor Cruz 99-yd play stuck w/ him for awhile, Cromartie said no, because he wasn't on him. Adds: He didnt lose sleep over it

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  23. Cromartie on missing tackle on Victor Cruz that sprung him for 99 yds in '11 Jets-Giants game: "Believe me I've never lost sleep over that."

  24. Cromartie says he hasn't watched Odell Beckham Jr. this year. Says OBJ has "room to grow" because he's young.

  25. But, Cromartie adds of Odell Beckham: "But I still feel like there's so much room for him to grow." #jets

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  29. Cromartie says Odell Beckham Jr "has a lot of room to grow" because he's still a young player. #nyj

  30. Asked re: "one-year wonder" comment on Odell Beckham, Cro says: "I haven't watched him at all. So i dunno anything that's going on w/ him...

  31. Blame the Offense for Debacle Against WSH

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  33. Cromartie says he has not watched Odell Beckham yet. Said Beckham still has “room to grow” #nyj

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  36. Prince Amukamara on Jets: "Guys right now, I think we’re all just focused on this just being just another opponent that we need to beat.''

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  39. Prince Amukamara: "When we’re on, we’re on and when we’re off, we’re off, so we just have to be consistent with that light switch." #Giants

  40. Starting guard Geoff Schwartz is destined for injured reserve, according to coach Tom Coughlin. #giants https://t.co/VlfG8m3XFV

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  47. Prince Amukamara at the end of conference call: "Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Enjoy your Monday."

  48. Prince Amukamara: "Thank you everybody. Enjoy your Monday."

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  51. Tom Coughlin expects Geoff Schwartz will be placed on injured reserve https://t.co/UFkbRmI8Co

  52. Prince Amukamara: "I know we fought the second half and in the first half we were disgusted with how we played.

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  54. Donnell, Pugh and Richburg Don't Travel to WSH

  55. Prince Amukamara: "In the first half, we were just disgusted with how we played."

  56. Prince Amukamara on the Jets game: "If we need a rivalry to get us up, yesterday we should've been more amped than any game on our schedule"

  57. Donnell Aiming to Return, but Not Sunday

  58. Giants Safety Play, Predictably, a Concern

  59. Prince Amukamara: We fought in the second half. In the first half, we were just disgusted with how we played.

  60. Prince Amukamara: "If we feel like we need a rivalry to get us up, yesterday we should have been more amped than any game on our schedule."

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  64. Prince Amukamara: "Guys right now, I think we're all just focused on this being another opponent that we need to beat."

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  68. Prince Amukamara: "We're disappointed in ourselves, but we're not discouraged. ... Our goal of winning the NFC East is still achievable."

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  71. "We're disappointed in ourselves, but we're not discouraged. We're excited to go prove ourselves this week." - Prince Amukamara

  72. Prince Amukamara on Odell Beckham: "Everybody knows he's one of the best. He's a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare."

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  75. "Odell's playmaking ability is second to none." - Prince Amukamara

  76. I'm just guessing here, but I think @MarkCannizzaro might be writing about Odell Beckham Jr. tomorrow.